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Hard Money Network is provided by investors who offer equity loans for free and clear properties in Florida. We at AHL Hard Money Network are a lead and marketing company that connects borrowers with hard and private money investors and we provide educational resources on hard money for potential borrowers.

Hard money programs are a reliable source where investors will consider the amount of equity from your property. Every property is secured at 50 to 60% value. Our Investors serve as first mortgage trustee, AHL serves as a network portal connecting borrowers to our first mortgage trustee equity partners and hard money partners. Our Investors will review the equity in your property and your ability to repay the loan if you meet that criteria, you might be able to get a hard or private money loans.

Are you unsure that you qualify for a hard or private money loan? Let us help you. Fill our cash out refinance request and one of our Florida Hard Money experts we deal will call you directly.

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*We do not issue approvals. We are a marketing and lead portal. You will be contacted directly by our private investors. They will call you directly to determine the value and equity in your home and to help you throughout the approval process. Each inquiry is on a case by case basis. Thank you.

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