A Free and Clear Refinance Might Be Right for You!

Posted by Brent on March 10, 2021

If you have a free and clear home, townhome, condo, or vacation home with no mortgage, AHL Hard Money Network can help you get money from the accumulated equity with a home refinance. Conventional bank refinancing may not be available to people who:

Homeowners in Florida
  • Have a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy on record
  • Are self-employed
  • Have no or low credit below bank minimums

Refinancing can provide you money for needed repairs, paying off high-interest rate debt, buying another property, or helping your children with college expenses or tuition. It’s your money, and now you have access to it with AHL Hard Money Network!

Our investor network stands ready to help owners who have a zero-mortgage property in Florida. We are interested in financing personal homes, condos, townhomes, vacation properties, manufactured homes on owned land, undeveloped land, boat docks, investment properties, and multi-residential properties. We can provide financing from $30K to $1M and loan periods of up to 10 years but perhaps longer if needed. 

At AHL Hard Money Network, our investors work quickly to get you the money you need. They will contact you directly, inspect your property, and will often give you an answer on the spot or within one business day. Your money will arrive in just a few days after that. Try getting that level of service and speed from a conventional bank. We can operate this way because we are not restricted by the underwriting rules used by conventional banks. We are also using the equity in the property to secure the loan rather than having to go through complex credit and income checks.

When it is time for you to get access to the equity in your Florida free and clear property, call AHL Hard Money Network at 813-516-5210 and let us wow you with our prompt and easy refinancing program.

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