A Hard Money Loan Might Be What You Need to Purchase That Condo

Posted by Brent on August 10, 2021

The housing market in Florida is booming especially in fun, beautiful, and urban areas like Tampa. There is a huge demand for nice condos, but with demand comes steeper prices.

AHL Hard Money Network recognizes these market conditions as well as the fact that not everybody has perfect credit and finances. Neither of those problems should exclude you from purchasing the condo of your dreams.

Condos in Florida

Even if you have a less than stellar credit rating, you can still buy a new property by utilizing the value or equity of something you already own (i.e., another home, a lot of land, a commercial business property, etc.) to complete a new purchase. This is what is known as a Hard Money Loan. Hard money loans are also used for other common purposes such as home improvements, flipping houses in the real estate market, or even paying student loan debt.

The big takeaway is that although you may feel like you do not have enough cashflow to purchase something, there are plenty of ways to get the job done, and this does not involve risky indebtedness or bankruptcy. As it says on the AHL Hard Money website, “depending on the condition of the property, you can obtain loans from $20K up to $1 million.” So, you can see how it would not be hard to gather a down payment from a hard money loan and apply it to purchasing a new condo or any other lucrative investment property.

AHL Hard Money Network specializes in assisting you through the process of obtaining these kinds of loans. Like any other expensive decision or investment move, you do not want to approach hard money lending without guidance.

We specialize in hard money loans, which has an application is so many ways. Here’s a list of some of AHL Hard Money Network’s popular services:

  • Home Equity
  • Cash Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Investment Lending
  • Home Improvement
  • Investing
  • Purchasing
  • Foreclosure Bailouts
  • Jumbo Hard Money

Jumbo Hard Money is a service for the most serious clients with an interest in obtaining hard money loans in the range of $250K to $10M. This is jumbo territory indeed and requires close care from a dedicated finance professional.

AHL Hard Money Network services all of Florida and what a great time to do so in one of the hottest real estate markets in America. We are as excited as ever to help you use a hard money loan to purchase that condo you’ve always wanted.

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