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Connecting Brokers & Borrowers to Hard Money Deals

Posted by Brent on July 6, 2015

We Connect Brokers & Borrowers to Hard Money Deals through Private Investors

"Offering fast and dependable service so you can move quickly to secure the best opportunities."

Continuing to raise the bar on quality service and detail, harddmoneyloans.com, your trusted hard money network, advances our state of the art website media and customer service yet again! Whether you are self-employed, forgoing a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy, or seeking to refinance your home or expand your commercial business, harddmoneyloans.com is your valuable resource for tailored solutions for all your financial needs!

Our website’s free hard money guide is geared to provide you with the highest level of education behind the hard money application process from start-to-finish no matter what your financial need may be! And if you would like to speak to an educated professional with questions or concerns about your refinance or purchase, our live chat widget connects to you to one of our trusted hard money investors who can help you instantly.

“Over the last 5 years we’ve seen a rapid explosion of hard money fueling major growth of business and real estate development, as well as helping individuals pull themselves out of dire situations like home foreclosure or bankruptcy,” Explained Pat Williams, Hard Money Industry Expert. “For some of these individuals with less-than-perfect credit, hard money finance was the only means available for them to meet their financial goal!”

Even if the banks have turned you down for poor credit or the inability to prove valid income, we can get you to the finish line of your financial goal based solely on your equity. Sources of acceptable equity could originate from various forms of ownership such as: single family homes, vacation properties, commercial property, town homes, strip centers, doublewides and much more! Our experienced investors have streamlined the application process and have handcrafted unique programs geared for self-employed Florida borrowers.

Don’t let the extremely strict guidelines set by banks stop you from getting to the finish line of financial goal. Hard money loans allows you the borrower to leverage your equity and tap into the liquid cash for debt consolidation, stopping foreclosure, purchasing another home, paying off tax deed or property taxes or using the money to jumpstart a new business venture.

As opposed to a stressful and drawn-out loan process though a bank, AHL offers simple same-day review and a hassle-free expedited application that closes typically from 5-12 days!

Simply click here to visit our website loaded with valuable information connecting you to your financial freedom to click here to start the application process!

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