Hard Money Loans in Tampa

Are you interested in alternative finance options to pay for a home improvement project, settle several, or make major purchases, and live around Tampa?

AHL Hard Money Network can help you finally get financing after suffering rejection from traditional lenders. We offer a safe, sustainable, and viable way to leverage legitimate assets to borrow money. Here’s how it works and why it’s popular among our Tampa-based clientele.

Tampa Hard Money Loans

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans allow you to take advantage of private property equity to obtain a loan. The way this works is a private investor lends money, based on the value of your home (or other asset), by placing a first trust mortgage on it. How much you can borrow depends on the home value, but these tend to be shorter-term loans, ones you’d pay back within less than a year.

This does not require a credit score, background checks, or any of the usual red tape you’d experience with the banks. In fact, many self-employed Floridians take this approach when they can’t provide proof of income, but still need to borrow money.

How Does This Apply to the Market in Tampa?

Tampa can be a somewhat expensive place to live, start a business, or pay for a home renovation. That’s why AHL Hard Money Loans works with folks in this area, providing loans that span anywhere from $25,000 to $1,000,000.

The best part about this approach is that it can help you take advantage of the Tampa community’s rising property values. Appreciation rates have been as high as 20% in areas like Brandon, South Tampa, or Northdale. This means you may be sitting on a house, condo, or other real estate with much more equity than when you first purchased it.

So, if you’re facing significant financial trouble with back taxes, need to consolidate debt, or replace your car, now’s the best time to put your property value to work. We can steer you in the most lucrative direction with effective and comprehensible hard money loans.

Other Ways to Use a Hard Money Loan in Tampa

So, if these sound like the issues you’re facing right now, then we hope you’ll partner with AHL Hard Money Network for reliable solutions. Our system is the best way to beat the headaches and hassles of going through banks and traditional lending groups. Call us anytime to learn more about hard money loans in Tampa at 813-368-9919.

Cash Out Refi in Siesta Key

Calling all Siesta Key residents who need to refinance their mortgage!

Wouldn’t it be nice to secure a lower interest rate for your mortgage and be able to pay things off much quicker? Now, it’s entirely possible by using our cash-out refinancing system. AHL Hard Money Network can show the best ways to pay for one or more beach-front properties, even the expensive homes around Siesta Key, without piling on excessive debt.

Cash Out Refi in Siesta Key

Why Cash-Out Refi?

First, what is cash-out refinancing?

This is where a homeowner applies for a mortgage at a refinanced rate (a lower one), by taking out more money than what’s necessary to pay off the mortgage. The “cash out” component is all the money you can now access with the new service terms.

While you wouldn’t do this in every scenario, it is a very lucrative strategy if you can get a lower rate. You wouldn’t do this if your current rate is already low, because it would make no difference, and you’d just add extra closing costs for the refinance. There are, however, many Siesta Key residents who aren’t satisfied with the rates they’re carrying.

Why do homeowners make this financial move?

It’s a helpful approach to not only simplify or consolidate debt but also to enjoy other significant financial advantages.

Great Idea for Paying Off Your Home/Condo on Siesta Key

So, for the right clientele, cash-out refinancing is a prudent way to strengthen your money situation and address money maladies. We think this is a smart program for folks around Florida because many homeowners in this area enjoy significant equity levels.

Siesta Key is an especially great place for this as the median home value approaches $1 million (as of March 2023). For folks still paying off a heavy mortgage like that, it doesn’t hurt to hunt for a better rate. It's also not a terrible idea to use part of the value to pay for things when you do so carefully without the risk of entrapment.

If this sounds like a great opportunity to get ahead of mortgage debt finally, then we can’t wait to hear from you. AHL Hard Money Network serves clients in Siesta Key, Tampa, Sarasota, and other places around west Florida. Call us to learn more about cash-out refinancing, hard money loans, and everything else we do at 813-368-9919.

Refinance Your Condo or Home in Boca Grande with Bad Credit or No Credit

Boca Grande is in Lee County Florida. The population is around 1800 and has over 1,200 housing units with the average age being around 63 years old. Property values in Lee County had since a 14% increase in values over 500 to 1 million and over a 10% increase in value over the last two years of properties over 1 million in Value. 20% of the population or foreign national residents. With many being seasonal residents. The median income in Boca Grande is 120k. And there or an amazing number of vacation condos and luxury homes in the 2-to-10-million-dollar range with many of these homeowners being self-employed.
Boca Grande Florida
The problem is many self-employed residents at some point will want to refinance or pull cash out of their Boca Grande owner-occupied home, investment property or condo.  They can't get a bank loan and must have some type of financing options available. They or usually self-employed borrowers who owned their own businesses and can show all their income to prove monthly payments they depreciate everything and show a loss. How do they get refinance or home equity loan when they need to borrow money? Hard and Private money becomes the avenue they can go to because they don't need credit. Our Private Investors will lend money on the equity or collateral of the home or condo.
If your or trying to pull money out of your condo, land, or home in Boca Grande and you need to borrow and the banks have turned you down due to lack of income, a loss on your property taxes, or being self-employed. Please let our hard money underwriting team offer you:
Also if you own a condo complex, hotel, or motel in Boca Grande and you're trying to get a commercial loan we have great commercial loan hard money problems where we can avoid most times an expensive bank appraisal and get you the cash you need on your commercial building in 21 days or less assuming clear title.
Many Boca Grande commercial landowners and borrowers own motels and hotels or are self-employed and we can offer them up to 65%loan to value just using the equity in the commercial building and land. Giving these borrowers an option, they would have at a local bank or credit union.
They can get the cash out they need to upgrade their building, expand the business, purchase new equipment, pay taxes, or whatever they need for the income we can help them. Boca Grande is a great vacation hub in Florida offering many fishing and water sport activities and a wonderful place to live. We want to be able to offer the community financing options when they can't get a bank loan. Call AHL Hard Money at 813-368-9919.

How to Get Cash Out of Your Home and Refinance with Hard and Private Money

As the economy is changing every day, costs or going up on building materials and consumer goods, our clients always have need to borrow against the equity in their home and some have what we call bruised or challenged credit. When you need to get money out of the equity in your home in Florida in Florida and you have bad credit what are you options. The banks have high credit score requirements, and so do the credit unions. So where do you turn to get the money, you need to consolidate debt, do home improvement, pay off credit cards and car loans. You can turn to the assistance of a hard or private money lender who will instead look at the collateral in your home and base the loan not on credit but on the pure equity in your owner occupied, non-owner occupied, investment property in Florida , condo , land , double-wide and land or commercial building and land. 

Customer talking with finance advisor

Having access to this type of loan and pool of private investors who will overlook high credit scores but give more weight to the the equity in the borrower's real estate is amazing. Its completely different than the underwriting process of the banks. 

When you need to pull equity out of your home and have bad credit to do:

Home Improvement

Debt Consolidation

Pay Off Cars and Boats, Trucks

Get money for cash reserves.

Purchase another rental property with your equity.

Pay off the IRS

Get money for starting a business or expanding your current business.

Whatever the reason our private and hard money investors or here to help you get the funds you need and in a very timely, fast, efficient and streamlined manner usually less than 14 days. The process is very very simple and easy. 

Call the Phone number one of the Representatives will get your information about your property.

The Private Investors will come inspect your property.

The underwriting team and the private investor will determine a value, they or he is comfortable with putting on the table

If you accept the value they will 

You will submit some income documents for proof of payment

Order title and

Order Appraisal 

Then 10 days for underwriting and if title is free and clear. 

Get clear to close usually in 14 days or less. 

Whether you need 30k up to 2 million dollars we can help you with our pool of hundreds of investors who give you many more options than just one bank. They will tailor a loan to your specific needs and meets you budget and will allow you time to repay the loan back. Our goal is to make you a lifetime financial customer and work with you in many different stages as your family grows and expands and your needs change over time. We are here and have a underwriting team with 100s of years of experience who will be glad to help and answer any questions you have. Turbo hard money home equity loans will help you get the funds and cash you need if you have equity in your residential home or Florida Real Estate. 

Refinance Your Luxury Condo in Miami with Bad Credit or No Credit

The largest concentration of condos in the country is in Miami with and also the most expensive outside of New York City. Miami is a mecca and international hub for business and finance. Its also some to some incredible luxury condos lining the beach, with many amenities for their homeowners who have invested great money in their condos. What financing options do the condo owners have when the banks say no, or they get turned down, or have bad credit or no credit.

Miami Condos at Night

The homeowner/condo owner must utilize the equity they in their primary condo, or investment condo property. They have gone to the bank and credit union and been turned down for a refinance or home equity line of credit to use. Now they must leverage the equity in that beachfront condo to access the money they need. Our private investors will allow 65% loan to value, lets say you bought the condo free and clear for 1 million, you could get up to 650,000 assuming you can the income to pay the loan back, Maybe you own the condo free and clear and its worth 2,000,000 and you need 1 million to start a new business our investors will do a 50%. Many times as recently we have a condo owner who had a condo on and need to pay the back property taxes and often times the borrower had had lingering financial troubles and wasted to much time waiting on the banks. Missed several mortgage payments and now the luxury condo is in foreclosure. 

When you need to borrow against your Miami Luxury condo with challenged credit, no credit, or bad credit you should do the following steps:

Our Investors like the condos in the Miami area because of the high values and low loan to values and keeps their risk low know that 90% of the borrowers will make their payments on time going forward because the loan to value so small. The we help customers who are good borrowers but just need a helping hand and we will look at your bank statements, leases, and alternative types of income documents where banks will be much tougher. And if you self-employed no problem our underwriters specialize in helping and making the loan work for self-employed borrowers making you loan process simple fast and easy. 

Owners who would benefit from a Florida Luxury Hard or Private Money Refinance:

How long does it take to close your Florida hard money condo loan?

It usually takes two to three weeks to do your underwriting, get your title and appraisal ordered. The underwriters will analyze your income and make sure all is in good standing and you will get your closing documents a few days before your closing to review them. We help hundreds of Miami condo homeowners, get the cash and funds they need to start a new business, purchase another business, use for investments, pay off the IRS, stop foreclosure or condo tax deed sale. Let us help you when you have been turned down by the banks or credit unions. Contact us today by calling 813-368-9919 or filling out the form on this page.

Tax Deed Sale

One of the most stressful times in your life can be when you're about to lose your property, due to a tax deed sale. If you have not paid your property taxes after three years it goes to the tax deed. One thing to stay up with each county is different pay once a year, semiannually and monthly. You want to stay on top of your property taxes. If you have large amounts of equity in your primary home, secondary Florida home, condo, land or double-wide and land Please pay your property taxes. There are many factors that can get someone behind on their Florida property taxes, You lost your job, you're unemployed, your got sick, temporary lack of funds, medical reasons, family emergencies. Whatever the reason we at AHL Hard Money Network or here to help you get the money you need out of your home and pay your Florida property taxes and get them current or stop the tax deed sale.

Usually when you property goes to tax deed sale you have 30 to 60 days again every county in Florida is different. As property taxes or going up so much these days you do not want to get behind at all on your property taxes. How can we help you get your condo or home up to date with your property taxes. Well, our pool of private money investors and underwriting team work super-fast to get you loan closed know that time is sensitive and very urgent matter.

  1. get the documents the underwriting team needs fast
  2. Answer all questions when you are called by the underwriting team
  3. Help getting the tax payoff form your county
  4. Double checking with the county when you tax deed sale will be
  5. Make sure we have your appraisal
  6. Sign your documents. Time is of the essence save your home, don't argue with the underwriting team. Its a stressful enough situations.

Please don't wait until one week before your home goes to tax deed or sheriff's sale. You don't want time to expire. Your home is your greatest investment and assets you want to protect that asset at all costs. Once we have your title orders, the property appraised and you get clear to close. Your documents will be hand delivered to the county courthouse to make sure the tax deed sale will be stopped. Our underwriters will do a loan up to 65% of the value of your home, with very little documentation compared to a regular loan, and your closing time should be 12 days or less with is lightning fast considering a bank would take 30 to 45 days.

We appreciate the delicate and timely financial matters with high-stress levels like tax deed sale and foreclosure our underwriting team has specialized in these and done hundreds. Our goal is to help you take the stress and make is a simple, easy, fast, quick, lighting fast mortgage loan that will give you peace of mind and a restful soul once it's done. If you have a Florida tax deed sale, please call the AHL Hard Money Network at 813-368-9919 to help you refinance your home with a hard and private money refinance, and you will use the collateral in that home or property to get the loan you need to stop the tax deed sale.

Hard Money & Debt Consolidation Loans: What to Know 

One thing most consumers don’t get an education during their formative years is financing. Each year, millions of dollars are racked up in debt, and many people struggle to get them paid off in order just to get their heads above water. However, there is a way to obtain financial help via a hard money loan.


What are the Top Three Advantages of Florida Hard Money Loans?

Are you looking for a faster way to obtain financing without having to claw your way through traditional lending mechanisms?


Florida Manufactured Home and Land Refinance

Florida has the largest concentration of manufactured homes in the country. There are many types of loans for homeowners who own a manufactured home single wide and land, double wide and land, and triple wide and land. 


Florida Closure Loan Refinance and Guide to Saving Your Home

Florida homeowners sometimes stumble financially and have a few hick ups making their monthly mortgage payments for personal, health, or work-related reasons. These are good borrowers who face real-life situations that present them with a unique financial obstacle and it may cause them to get behind on a few payments. The downside to this is that the financial bank or credit union may start a foreclosure process. This is a very mentally stressful time for the homeowner who many times has no place to turn to for help or guidance. We have successfully helped hundreds of borrowers save their homes and be able to get a fresh start with a new mortgage. Most banks, credit unions, or Alt-A lenders do not offer any alternative to helping the borrower. Your current mortgage lender may decide to work with you and make modifications to your current payment or help you catch up on late payments; however, this is not always the case. Often the Florida homeowner faces a foreclosure process and has about 2 months to either refinance, due to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or the home will go to sheriff's sale. This is not an option we like to help our clients use the current equity in their home to pay off the current mortgage lender and help them start over with a new fresh start, saving the largest investment they have: their home.

Things for the Homeowner You Get a Foreclosure Process Notification 

1. Do not ignore this deal with it head-on. The more you delay, the harder it is for the new lender to help you.

2. Don't go into denial. If you reach out to your current lender and they can't help, please take action. The problem will not go away.

3.  Please don't let the home be one week away from the foreclosure sale and expect any lender to close in one week. This is not fair to the lender.

4.  When you find a new lender, get them the papers they need the same day or next day. Time is of the essence in this type of transaction.

5.  Don't argue with your new lender they or the ones saving your home. Your current lender is foreclosing on you. Help the lender; don't create problems.

6   Work with your new lending team, Don't waste time. Every day is vital to helping your new deal close. 

By following these steps, you will help yourself save a lot of time, patience, stress, and mental exhaustion, and give your new lender a fighting chance to save your greatest asset: your home. 

By finding a hard or private money investor, they will use the equity in your home to help save your home from foreclosure. Also they or taking a chance that you will make your new mortgage payments on time. Hard and Private money usually besides filing chapter 7 is the only way to stop your foreclosure. These lenders are specialized in closing deals n 14 days or less especially when time is so vital and urgent with a foreclosure. Our Investors will visit your property, determine the equity in the home and place a 1st first lien against the equity only. Credit will not come into play. Hard money lenders and investors realize that good people have situations that arise that put a strain on their finances and strech them putting them in bad financial circumstances. They are willing to give second chances and help the homeowner get a new mortgage only against the equity in the property.

Steps in the Foreclosure Loan Process:

1. Call a Hard or Private Money Lender or an Investor

2. The investor will make an appointment to inspect the property

3. An approval will be issued if there is enough equity to make your deal happen.

4. You will get an application and documents to review and sign.

5. Please get your income documents to the underwriting team on time.

6. The underwriting team and investor may have you write a letter of explanation.

7. Oder title and appraisal no out of pockets expense to the borrower.

8 Get your final to close your deal.

9. Close your deal at the title company and save your home.

Following these simple steps will help give you 100% better chance of securing your new hard money loan, save your home, give you a fresh new start, save you time effort, and mental stress you would have faced if you lost your home.  Our underwriting team has hundreds of years of experience saving homes, helping borrowers through the loan process, giving advice and making the whole foreclosure loan process more easier and less complicated.  Our team will help you all over the state of Florida if your home is in Tampa, Ft. Myers, Naples Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. We have a large network all over Florida ready to help you save your home. Thank you.