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Florida property taxes are due every year regardless of a property owner’s financial situation. The amount varies by county and the assessed value of the property, but they can run from several hundred to thousands of dollars per year. Property taxes are due whether you are a homeowner or own investment or rental properties. AHL Hard Money Network’s investors can help you get the money you need quickly to keep your property taxes up to date.

Payment of property taxes in Florida is important because if you fail to pay for three years another party can purchase your property tax deed. This will allow them to take ownership of your property. This varies somewhat by county but regardless you don’t want to get behind on your property taxes and potentially lose your home or investment. This does not have to happen if you own your home or investment property free and clear, because you can get a hard money cash loan from AHL Hard Money Network.

With our hard money cash-out loan you can pay your back taxes long before the sheriff’s sale is imminent. Our private investors can get you money in 14 days or less, and in some cases have even delivered the funds to the property tax office to keep your taxes from becoming delinquent. We have helped thousands of property owners throughout Florida to get critical money they need for taxes, so don’t trust any other bank or lender who might let you down if your taxes are late.

Banks will not approve these types of loans for people who have little credit, bad credit, or are self-employed. You worked hard for years to pay off your home or investment property, so you should have access to that equity when you need it. Our investors can get your money quickly and will treat you with personal attention to meet your needs.

Please consider AHL Hard Money Network when your taxes are late or you are at risk of losing your property. We can handle loans from $10K to $100K or more if you have a free and clear property in Florida. We can secure property tax loans for personal homes, investment homes, condos, land, or a commercial building. Contact AHL Hard Money Network today for more information by calling 813-368-9919.

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