Bad Credit and Investment Properties

Posted by Brent on November 30, 2018

Many investors today find properties which are an excellent investment but are unable to secure financing due to poor credit scores. If your credit is preventing you from obtaining the money you need, perhaps you should rethink your strategy and obtain your financing from the AHL Hard Money Network. Our investment network is ready to provide financing based on the concept of using equity to secure the financing.

Bad Credit Assistance

Our investors are seeking opportunities to provide financing to property owners who have accumulated equity in their existing properties. We secure the financing with this equity, allowing you to avoid conventional banks or financial institutions who base their approval on your credit rating. There are several reasons to consider the AHL Hard Money Network for your commercial financing:

  • You have poor credit
  • Your real estate transaction needs to be completed quickly
  • You or the property won’t qualify for conventional financing
  • You own multiple properties and need money for renovations or further investments
  • You have an existing financial arrangement which is not adequate for your current needs

Hard money financing is different from traditional finance sources. AHL Hard Money Network is comprised of a group of investors looking to finance real estate using the existing equity in that or another property. Credit ratings are not a consideration for the most part because the agreement is secured by the property’s equity. Looking at non-traditional financing sources is becoming increasingly popular as the conventional banks and financial institutions enact strict controls over loan approvals.

If you need commercial financing and for any of the reasons above cannot secure a conventional loan, contact the AHL Hard Money Network. Our process is fast and easy and you will quickly get the money you need.

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