Hard Money Loans in Tampa

Are you interested in alternative finance options to pay for a home improvement project, settle several, or make major purchases, and live around Tampa? AHL Hard Money Network can help you finally get financing after suffering rejection from traditional lenders. We offer a safe, sustainable, and viable way to leverage legitimate assets to borrow money. […]

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Cash Out Refi in Siesta Key

Calling all Siesta Key residents who need to refinance their mortgage! Wouldn’t it be nice to secure a lower interest rate for your mortgage and be able to pay things off much quicker? Now, it’s entirely possible by using our cash-out refinancing system. AHL Hard Money Network can show the best ways to pay for […]

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Refinance Your Condo or Home in Boca Grande with Bad Credit or No Credit

  Boca Grande is in Lee County Florida. The population is around 1800 and has over 1,200 housing units with the average age being around 63 years old. Property values in Lee County had since a 14% increase in values over 500 to 1 million and over a 10% increase in value over the last […]

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How to Get Cash Out of Your Home and Refinance with Hard and Private Money

As the economy is changing every day, costs or going up on building materials and consumer goods, our clients always have need to borrow against the equity in their home and some have what we call bruised or challenged credit. When you need to get money out of the equity in your home in Florida […]

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Refinance Your Luxury Condo in Miami with Bad Credit or No Credit

The largest concentration of condos in the country is in Miami with and also the most expensive outside of New York City. Miami is a mecca and international hub for business and finance. Its also some to some incredible luxury condos lining the beach, with many amenities for their homeowners who have invested great money […]

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Tax Deed Sale

One of the most stressful times in your life can be when you're about to lose your property, due to a tax deed sale. If you have not paid your property taxes after three years it goes to the tax deed. One thing to stay up with each county is different pay once a year, […]

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Hard Money & Debt Consolidation Loans: What to Know 

One thing most consumers don’t get an education during their formative years is financing. Each year, millions of dollars are racked up in debt, and many people struggle to get them paid off in order just to get their heads above water. However, there is a way to obtain financial help via a hard money […]

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What are the Top Three Advantages of Florida Hard Money Loans?

Are you looking for a faster way to obtain financing without having to claw your way through traditional lending mechanisms?

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Florida Manufactured Home and Land Refinance

Florida has the largest concentration of manufactured homes in the country. There are many types of loans for homeowners who own a manufactured home single wide and land, double wide and land, and triple wide and land. 

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Florida Closure Loan Refinance and Guide to Saving Your Home

Florida homeowners sometimes stumble financially and have a few hick ups making their monthly mortgage payments for personal, health, or work-related reasons. These are good borrowers who face real-life situations that present them with a unique financial obstacle and it may cause them to get behind on a few payments. The downside to this is […]

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