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Cash-Out Refinance Hard Money Loans

Tampa Cash Out Refinance | Bradenton Bad Credit Refinancing

Hard money financing is a valuable way to obtain funds from equity in a commercial property when conventional financing is not an option. The property owner may have a previous bankruptcy, foreclosure, or less than ideal credit that will get them turned down by conventional lenders.

Getting a Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

FL Hard Money Network | Brooksville Mortgage With Bad Credit

Getting a home equity loan in Florida is getting harder and harder. Conventional banks take forever to approve a loan, and you can wait weeks only to find out you have been rejected. In addition, credit levels previously considered acceptable for conventional loans are now rejected.

Hard Money 101: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started With Hard Money Loans

Gainsville Hard Money Investor | Ft Myers Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

A hard money loan is a legitimate way for business owners or others to obtain needed financing outside of the conventional bank loan process. There are many reasons why this might be necessary; self-employment, previous bankruptcy, less than ideal credit, or other reasons that would cause a rejection of a conventional loan.

Free and Clear Vacation Home

Tampa Hard Money Refinance | Bradenton Bad Credit Refinancing

Are you looking for a vacation property or have one and want to pay it off? This may not be as easy as it sounds, particularly if you plan to rent it from time to time. Most conventional lenders will consider this a commercial property and may not provide you financing.

Using Your Home as Collateral

FL Hard Money Network | Siesta Key Home Refinance

Using your home as collateral on a loan is a common practice when obtaining home equity loans or lines of credit. The downside of this is that your home is now being used to secure the loan, and you could lose it if you are unable to make the loan payments. Review all home equity loan considerations before making the decision to secure a loan with your home.

The Best Ways to Tap the Equity in Your Home

Florida Hard Money Network | Tampa Home Equity Bad Credit Refinance

If you are looking for cash, you can try to obtain a personal loan. These unsecured loans can be difficult to obtain and can come with relatively high-interest rates. A smarter solution may be to take equity in your home and put it to work with a home equity loan. Using your home is called a secured loan because the loan is secured by the equity in your home.

Five Traits of a Good Hard Money Investor!

Daytona Hard Money Loan | Bradenton Debt Consolidation

Commercial hard money loans can be useful to property owners who need finances more rapidly than a commercial bank will provide, or who have less than ideal credit ratings. If the owner has reasonable income streams and the commercial property has adequate equity, hard money investors are interested in providing bridge financing to help your business grow.

If you are looking for hard money investors, there are five things you should look for in hard money investors. Let’s review them:

Hard Money for Foreign Nationals!

FL Hard Money Investor | Florida Home Equity Loan

Investors are coming to Florida from all over the world to take advantage of the real estate market in the Sunshine State. Markets such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota, and Ft. Myers have seen a surge in overseas investors as the real estate market continues to rebound. Many of these investors can walk in and pay cash, but some are looking for mortgages or equity loans. That can be impossible for them due to banking restrictions.

Top 8 Reasons Borrowers Use a Hard Money Loans!

Daytona Hard Money Loan | Hudson Debt Consolidation

For many people, conventional banking is a source of financing for personal or business purposes. However, some people may have problems obtaining financing from conventional bank sources. These folks can benefit from the hard money investment industry; let’s review reasons why hard money may be useful to borrowers.

FAQs for Private Money Loans

Florida Private Money Loans | Hudson Debt Consolidation

If you have been turned down by conventional banks for a loan, you may have heard about private money or “hard money” loans. Perhaps you are an investor looking for different ways to utilize your money. You may have also heard a lot of unfavorable comments about these loans, so let’s review common questions and myths around private money investing.

Reasons To Get a Hard Equity Loan

Gainesville Hard Equity Loan | Florida Hard Money Investor

You have worked hard to build equity in your home, yet it may be difficult to get it back. If you have less than perfect credit, conventional lenders may not be willing to issue you a home equity loan. This is where AHL Hard Money Loans can help you. We have investors willing to give you a short-term hard equity loan for whatever your needs may be. What are some reasons to get a hard equity loan?