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Debt Consolidation through Refinancing

We strongly urge anybody who finds themselves underwater with several lines of debt to consider debt consolidation through refinancing.  Rather than just ignoring the problem or declaring bankruptcy, there’s usually a more prudential way to approach personal debt. Here, we want to look at some ways you can positively affect the rates you’re paying on your loans by consolidating.

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5 Reasons to Get Cash Out in the New Year

Happy New Year! With a new year comes new responsibilities and opportunities, which include taking advantage of the myriad of ways to improve your finances. That’s A H L Hard Money Network’s specialty and we want to share with you some great ways to accomplish those objectives.

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Using Home Equity for Home Improvement if You Have Bad Credit

One of the advantages of owning your own home is that you can truly make it your own. You’re a person of unique taste and interest, so shouldn’t your home reflect these positive attributes? What’s stopping you from either hiring a crew or getting into the DIY spirit of things and making those improvements to your house that you’ve always wanted to? What’s preventing your house from becoming your home? If you think your credit score impedes you from completing this arduous task, think again. You can use home equity to make the improvements that you always wanted. 

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Here is How Hard Money Loans Work

If you’re in need of money, whether for personal reasons or for your business, you have a variety of loan options. Traditional bank loans are among the most popular, but they may not work for you. Hard money loans can help individuals with poor or no credit. They can also help people with an unfavorable financial history or those who need money fast. Here is how hard money loans work:

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Everything to Know About Buying a Foreclosed Property with Hard Money

Have you ever found yourself in the position to capitalize on the purchase of a foreclosed property that was slightly out of your price range for buying? Maybe you saw a house that suddenly got foreclosed, decreased a lot in value, and appeared ripe for the picking . . . if only you had a little more for payment.

A H L Hard Money Network is here to help because we specialize in these sorts of financing scenarios. Here is everything you need to know about buying a foreclosed property with hard money.

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