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Can Foreign Nationals Get a Loan?

Posted by Brent on November 12, 2018

A foreign national is a person who resides part-time in the United States but is a citizen of another country. There is a growing interest of foreign nationals in buying real estate in the US, but it can be difficult for them to get conventional loans for a number of reasons:

Foreign National Loans from AHL Hard Money Network

  • Their income may not be verifiable by a US bank
  • They don’t have credit ratings in any US credit agency
  • Their investment holdings are in banks who do not have a presence in the US

For these and other reasons, AHL Hard Money Network has established our Foreign National Loan Program. It is possible for a foreign national to obtain loans for US properties. In Florida alone, almost a third of home purchases are by foreign nationals, with a high percentage being cash transactions.

The advantages of using AHL Hard Money Network’s Foreign Nationals Programs:

  • No credit report or check is needed
  • Fast underwriting with no conventional bank hassles
  • Both refinancing and home equity loans are available
  • Quick closings with a clear title and limited documentation needed
  • Bad credit not a problem
  • Our loans are equity-based
  • Loans up to 60% LTV
  • Review in one business day and closing often in less than 14 days
  • Terms from 5-30 years
  • Prepayment penalties 1/2 or 3 years

Foreign nationals interested in US property investments can connect with us by filling out our inquiry form or call AHL Hard Money Network at 813-516-5210.

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