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Posted by Brent on September 27, 2017

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Hard money financing is a valuable way to obtain funds from equity in a commercial property when conventional financing is not an option. The property owner may have a previous bankruptcy, foreclosure, or less than ideal credit that will get them turned down by conventional lenders. Hard money can also be useful when businesses wish to buy a new property or expand their existing one and don’t want to wait many months for conventional loans.

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Another option is cash-out refinancing. The property owner may have a lot of equity that they cannot get their hands on easily but have the need for cash. By using the AHL Hard Money Network, the owner can be connected to our investor network who are eager to fund a cash-out refinance.

What are the advantages of using the AHL Hard Money Network? There are many:

  • The loan process takes days instead of weeks or months.
  • Our investors look at the accumulated equity in the property you are using to secure the loan, not your credit rating or other financial issues.
  • Our paperwork requirements are far less cumbersome.
  • Cash-out refinancing arrangements can be made for variable periods from less than a year to 10 years. You won’t be burdened with a loan for decades.
  • Self-employment is not necessarily a barrier to hard money financing.

If you have been turned down for conventional financing but need cash to support or grow your business, hard money can be your answer and AHL Hard Money Network can be your source. We are not limited by strict financing guidelines, and our investors are eager to support your business. Don’t let previous financial problems, low credit scores, or a foreclosure prevent you from getting the equity out of your commercial property — contact AHL Hard Money Network today!

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