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Posted by Brent on November 17, 2015

Orlando Cash Out Refinance | Florida Home Equity Loan

AHL Hard Money Loans specializes in cash refinancing. If you are self-employed, have bad credit, or both, our investors will endorse you for a loan even when the banks will not. We have a network of hundreds of private money loan programs all across Florida. We can provide private equity financing through our investors. They offer full documentation, an easy, understandable process, and worry free loans for all of our clients.

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If you have the property equity available, we can connect you with subprime and hard money programs that will loan from 50% to 70% LTVs. Our mortgage programs offer up to 50% LTV based on your down payment, and our commercial programs offer 65% LTV with no appraisals or upfront fees. Our Florida bank purchase programs offer LTV up to 70%, and we have self-employed or investor programs with no prepayment penalty.

Our credit score based and equity driven programs close within five to seven business days, and we have no appraisals on property with equity of $250,000 or less. Equity based loans mean that you will be provided access to private money and hard money programs in Florida, even if you have been turned down by the bank for credit issues. Our partners are willing to assume the risk and offer cash out options. We do feature slightly higher rates, but you will eliminate all of the hassles and headaches of financing through the traditional banking system.

Your private equity loan can be used for a variety of purposes. You can pull cash out of a property, pay back property taxes, pay off IRS liens, consolidate debt, purchase another property, expand your business ventures, reinvest, or even remodel homes. Purchasing a home in Florida can be time a stressful, time consuming process. Our Tampa Private investors will help you through every step of the purchase process. We can help you with cash out refinance and secure the lowest possible rates for borrowers, and help you find the right property with our realtor connections.

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