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Should I Refinance my Mortgage?

FL Home Mortgage | Ft Myers Cash Out Refinance

Anyone with an existing mortgage naturally wonders about the possibility of refinancing. The decision to refinance a mortgage should be taken seriously and approached carefully. How can you know if refinancing is right for you?

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How To Decide If It’s Time To Buy!

Brooksville Mortgages | Siesta Key Home Loans for Bad Credit

You may have been renting a home for some time, and occasionally you see a “dream” home you think you could afford. The problem with a buy decision is you can’t simply compare your current monthly rent to an estimated monthly mortgage payment.

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Contact our Real Estate Investors Today!

FL Hard Money Investor | Tampa Home Equity Loan Bad Credit

If you are a struggling real estate investor, you know the pain of being turned down for loans and needing cash immediately. We at AHL have partners that specialize in bank loans for investors. Whether you have five or thirty free and clear investment properties, we can refinance one or all and save you thousands of dollars in appraisal costs, interest, and escrow.

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Florida Hot Real Estate Market Rises

FL Hard Money Loans | Sarasota Home Mortgage

The real estate market is on the rise, and many excellent borrowers are being turned down by banks for the loans that they need. This is often due to strict underwriting policies. That is where AHL Hard Money Network comes in. We match homeowners with our network of investors who can help them refinance or get cash out, and are looking for more investors to meet the demand for money loans.

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Steps to File for a Florida Hard Money Loan

FL Hard Money Loans | Sarasota Home Equity Loan

If your seeking a home equity loan with bad credit, no credit or bad credit mortgage loan with no income chances are our Investors can help you.

Simplicity is the Difference. Easy 3 Step Process to getting your Cash in 8 to 12 days. AHL Marketing and Lead LLC is a market leader in connecting investors and borrowers for hard money loans. These loans are a preferred option for quick loan availability, money for borrowers with less than good credit, or loans that have been refused by commercial banks for any number of reasons.

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Bridge and Hard Equity Loans

FL Bridge and Hard Equity Loans | Florida Hard Money

At AHL Hard Money, we are here to help you find the loan that you need. If you are looking to use your home or property’s equity in order to secure a loan but the bank keeps denying you then we can help. Our investors are experienced in helping people with credit issues, who are self-employed, have recently changed jobs, have limited income verification, experience a loss on income taxes, have IRS liens or judgments. All you need is a down payment or a paid-off property, and AHL will find the lender that can review your private money loan.

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