Florida Hard Money Home Equity Loans Bad Credit

As interest rates or rising, inflation is rising banks or getting nervous and tightening the federal guidelines for lending. Many good borrowers with less-than-perfect credit will not be able to get a loan to refinance or home equity loan.


You Can Qualify for a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

Are you worried that bad credit might disqualify you from obtaining a home equity loan? Be not afraid. A H L Hard Money likes to explore creative ways to secure loans and manage debt so that you can still afford important purchases without becoming insolvent.


Hard Money Loans, Low Credit Scores, and Some Answers for Both

There’s a significant lack of preparation in school regarding financial matters. The curriculum of many classes would benefit from lessons on balancing a checkbook, maintaining an adequate credit score, and learning how a mortgage works. While these topics might have been absent during your schooling, that doesn’t mean that you should remain unaware of them. At AHL Hard Money, we’re here to help.


A Hard Money Loan Might Be What You Need to Purchase That Condo

The housing market in Florida is booming especially in fun, beautiful, and urban areas like Tampa. There is a huge demand for nice condos, but with demand comes steeper prices.

AHL Hard Money Network recognizes these market conditions as well as the fact that not everybody has perfect credit and finances. Neither of those problems should exclude you from purchasing the condo of your dreams.


I Own My Home Outright in Florida, but I Have Bad Credit. What Can I Do?

You spend many years paying off the mortgage on your home and in the process you are building a great deal of equity. If you have poor credit this equity may not be available to you from conventional lenders with strict underwriting guidelines. This is not an issue when you deal with AHL Hard Money Network. Our loans are secured by that equity, thereby eliminating the need for your credit to be reviewed.


How Do I Get a Real Estate Loan in Florida with Bad Credit?

If you have poor credit in Florida or have had trouble getting your credit up to the levels most commercial lenders require for real estate financing, you may think you have no other options. But that is not true because you have access to hard money loans from AHL Hard Money Network. How can we offer financing when the banks won’t? Discover by reading on. (more…)

Mortgage Mythbusters for First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers can become discouraged by the comments they will hear about how difficult can be the home buying experience. Let’s look at some common myths that may come up anytime someone mentions they are buying their first home. (more…)

Hard Money is a Source for Unique Mortgage Situations

Hard money lending is an alternative source of money for individuals seeking a mortgage. Additionally, those who are in a unique mortgage situation can find assistance through hard money lending. If you're curious about hard money lending, just keep reading.


When the Bank Says No, Hard Money Helps

As conventional banks become more cautious and conservative, investors can have greater difficulty in obtaining loans for real estate investments or improvements. Also, the recession in 2008 led to many smaller banks and lenders being absorbed into larger banking institutions. These factors don’t bode well for commercial real estate investors looking for prompt responses on financing. This is where hard money financing from AHL Hard Money Network can help.


Guide to Hard Money When You Have Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, all is not lost. You can still receive financial assistance through hard money lenders. For a guide to using hard money when you have bad credit, just continue reading.