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Getting a Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

FL Hard Money Network | Brooksville Mortgage With Bad Credit

Getting a home equity loan in Florida is getting harder and harder. Conventional banks take forever to approve a loan, and you can wait weeks only to find out you have been rejected. In addition, credit levels previously considered acceptable for conventional loans are now rejected.

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Hard Money 101: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started With Hard Money Loans

Gainsville Hard Money Investor | Ft Myers Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

A hard money loan is a legitimate way for business owners or others to obtain needed financing outside of the conventional bank loan process. There are many reasons why this might be necessary; self-employment, previous bankruptcy, less than ideal credit, or other reasons that would cause a rejection of a conventional loan.

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Free and Clear Vacation Home

Tampa Hard Money Refinance | Bradenton Bad Credit Refinancing

Are you looking for a vacation property or have one and want to pay it off? This may not be as easy as it sounds, particularly if you plan to rent it from time to time. Most conventional lenders will consider this a commercial property and may not provide you financing.

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Five Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage!

Orlando Mortgage Refinance | Tampa Private Investors

The days of securing a mortgage from a bank and sticking it out to the end are long over, and homeowners have many options for both financing and later refinancing their mortgage. There are several reasons why refinancing may be a good idea for you now rather than later; let’s look at five of them.

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Carve Debt Down to Size with a Consolidation Loan!

Hudson Debt Consolidation | Ft Myers Mortgage Refinance

Do you have rising credit card debt, or a couple of cards with high interest rates that you never seem to get paid off? You may be a good candidate for a consolidation loan. The idea of a consolidation loan is quite simple; borrow an amount of money that will pay off a variety of other loans with higher interest rates than the new loan. Here’s why you should consider a consolidation loan if you are having trouble paying off other debt.

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