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What is Cash-Out Refinancing and How Does It Work?

Cash-out refinancing refers to the process of refinancing a home or business for more than the existing mortgage, thereby allowing cash to be returned to the borrower. For home or business owners who have properties with substantial accumulated equity, cash-out refinancing can provide funds for renovations or perhaps a business expansion.

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Reasons to Pull Cash Out of the Equity in Your Florida Home Using Hard Money

Many reasons you can leverage the equity in your home when you have no other options, banks credit unions have turned you down your credit is challenged but you your equity rich not credit rich. You can consider hard and private money loan in Florida to get the cash out you need today. When speed is critical and vital and you need answers fast, a hard and private money Florida loan using private investors could be your answer to the funds you need. Here credit is not a requirement only equity is considered and you can close in 10 to 14 days if you have a clear title.

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What is ‘Free and Clear’ in Real Estate?

Real estate agents and investors frequently use the term “free and clear” to talk about a home or property, but what does this terminology actually mean? Free and clear means there are no encumbrances or any legal matters that burden or restrict the transfer of property. When a property is free and clear, it is completely free of any liens or mortgages.

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