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Cash-Out Refinance Hard Money Loans

Tampa Cash Out Refinance | Bradenton Bad Credit Refinancing

Hard money financing is a valuable way to obtain funds from equity in a commercial property when conventional financing is not an option. The property owner may have a previous bankruptcy, foreclosure, or less than ideal credit that will get them turned down by conventional lenders.

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Free and Clear Vacation Home

Tampa Hard Money Refinance | Bradenton Bad Credit Refinancing

Are you looking for a vacation property or have one and want to pay it off? This may not be as easy as it sounds, particularly if you plan to rent it from time to time. Most conventional lenders will consider this a commercial property and may not provide you financing.

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Hard Money for Foreign Nationals!

FL Hard Money Investor | Florida Home Equity Loan

Investors are coming to Florida from all over the world to take advantage of the real estate market in the Sunshine State. Markets such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota, and Ft. Myers have seen a surge in overseas investors as the real estate market continues to rebound. Many of these investors can walk in and pay cash, but some are looking for mortgages or equity loans. That can be impossible for them due to banking restrictions.

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What is Free and Clear?

FL Hard Money Investor | Florida No Credit Home Mortgage

How many of us dream of owning our home “free and clear” in our lifetime? What does that term mean? Free and clear simply refers to the home having no loans or other encumbrances on it at that time. More important to the homeowner, it also means that the home’s value is all equity, something that may be useful to the owner if they wish to renovate or expand the home.

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