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How to Refinance With Hard Money Investors!

Valrico Mortgage Refinance | FL Bad Credit Home Loans

Hard money refers to loans from investors that are linked to a higher interest rate than a conventional loan. They depend more on the collateral offered by the applicant rather than a credit rating. Hard money loans are useful for commercial property owners with less than perfect credit, but owning a property with sufficient equity to cover the loan. Another example is a homeowner who is in foreclosure. A hard money loan may allow time to pay off the bank and sell the property when a conventional loan will not be granted. There are other examples, but suffice it to say that hard money investors are looking for a higher rate of return, so are willing to accept higher risk to some extent. For the purpose of this discussion, we will use a homeowner who cannot obtain a conventional mortgage.

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Should I Refinance my Mortgage?

FL Home Mortgage | Ft Myers Cash Out Refinance

Anyone with an existing mortgage naturally wonders about the possibility of refinancing. The decision to refinance a mortgage should be taken seriously and approached carefully. How can you know if refinancing is right for you?

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We Specialize in Cash Refinancing!

Orlando Cash Out Refinance | Florida Home Equity Loan

AHL Hard Money Loans specializes in cash refinancing. If you are self-employed, have bad credit, or both, our investors will endorse you for a loan even when the banks will not. We have a network of hundreds of private money loan programs all across Florida. We can provide private equity financing through our investors. They offer full documentation, an easy, understandable process, and worry free loans for all of our clients.

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AHL Hard Money Loans / Close in 7 or 8 Days

FL Hard Money Loans | Florida Bad Credit Refinance

When you need cash fast, turn to AHL Hard Money Loans and you can close in 7 or 8 days! Even if you’ve been turned down by conventional banks, the AHL Hard Money team has a large network of investors in Florida and can get you reviews. Private money gives you fast cash for your collateral in residential and commercial real estate. AHL Hard Money never accepts a fee and can get you your money fast!

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