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What is Free and Clear?

FL Hard Money Investor | Florida No Credit Home Mortgage

How many of us dream of owning our home “free and clear” in our lifetime? What does that term mean? Free and clear simply refers to the home having no loans or other encumbrances on it at that time. More important to the homeowner, it also means that the home’s value is all equity, something that may be useful to the owner if they wish to renovate or expand the home.

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Carve Debt Down to Size with a Consolidation Loan!

Hudson Debt Consolidation | Ft Myers Mortgage Refinance

Do you have rising credit card debt, or a couple of cards with high interest rates that you never seem to get paid off? You may be a good candidate for a consolidation loan. The idea of a consolidation loan is quite simple; borrow an amount of money that will pay off a variety of other loans with higher interest rates than the new loan. Here’s why you should consider a consolidation loan if you are having trouble paying off other debt.

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Four Debt Consolidation Traps to Avoid

Tampa Debt Consolidation | FL Bad Credit Home Loans

Debt consolidation loans are a popular topic these days. As consumers drift further into debt, they are barraged with advertising for loan programs that permit them to consolidate their debt into a single loan payment. In theory it sounds like a good idea, but there are some traps that will cause you to fail if you are in debt and try a consolidation program. Let’s take a look at four common debt consolidation traps.

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Contact our Real Estate Investors Today!

FL Hard Money Investor | Tampa Home Equity Loan Bad Credit

If you are a struggling real estate investor, you know the pain of being turned down for loans and needing cash immediately. We at AHL have partners that specialize in bank loans for investors. Whether you have five or thirty free and clear investment properties, we can refinance one or all and save you thousands of dollars in appraisal costs, interest, and escrow.

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Three Reasons You May Need a Hard Money Loan

FL Hard Money Investor | Sarasota Loans for Bad Credit

What is a hard money loan, and why might you want one? Hard money loans are financing supplied by a private investor, rather than a commercial bank. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider a hard money loan.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

FL Debt Consolidation Loans | Orlando Hard Money

Are you one of the millions of families juggling too much debt, struggling to pay ridiculous interest rates up to 30%? If you are tired of seeing your hard earned money fly out the window paying high interest rates, Hard Money Loans can help. A debt consolidation loan is a real way out, taking all of your credit cards, car loans, finance loans, department store cards, etc. and putting them into one, easy payment with a very reasonable interest rate.

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