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Pull Equity From Your Paid-Off Home

Paying off your home mortgage is a time to celebrate! Then comes a time when you want to access that equity for some other purpose. You may want to pay off another loan, clear IRS liens, make renovations, or add more space to your home. When you go to the bank for a home equity loan, they turn you down because you have less than perfect credit or you have a previous bankruptcy on your record. If this has happened to you, come to AHL Hard Money Network for an equity-based hard money loan.

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My House is Paid Off – Is a Hard Money Loan Still Right for Me?

You may have worked hard to pay off the mortgage on your home over many years. Now you need some cash to do renovations or pay off other debt and the banks turn you down. If you are self-employed or have less than perfect credit conventional banks will often not provide you a loan. Is a hard money loan a good choice for you? AHL Hard Money Network says yes and here is why.

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Hard Money Free and Clear Refinance in Florida

Many homeowners looking to refinance their homes are getting turned down by conventional banks. Their strict underwriting rules make it very difficult for self-employed, lower credit, or owners with previous foreclosures. AHL Hard Money Network offers you an alternative by providing loans that don’t rely on your credit rating or employment status. We offer loans by private investors who use the equity in your property to secure their loans. Our program is perfect for any homeowner who:

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*We do not issue approvals. We are a marketing and lead portal. You will be contacted directly by our private investors. They will call you directly to determine the value and equity in your home and to help you throughout the approval process. Each inquiry is on a case by case basis. Thank you.

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