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Free and Clear Refinancing in Florida

Refinancing isn’t always easy. Did you know over 60 percent of applicants get turned down for traditional refinancing? Even if you have 100 percent equity in your home or property, it’s paid off, and it’s in great condition, you still may experience rejection. If you are feeling frustrated with refinancing, you can experience easy and hassle-free refinancing in Florida with AHL Hard Money Network.

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What is ‘Free and Clear’ in Real Estate?

Real estate agents and investors frequently use the term “free and clear” to talk about a home or property, but what does this terminology actually mean? Free and clear means there are no encumbrances or any legal matters that burden or restrict the transfer of property. When a property is free and clear, it is completely free of any liens or mortgages.

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Cash-Out Refinance Hard Money Loans

Tampa Cash Out Refinance | Bradenton Bad Credit Refinancing

Hard money financing is a valuable way to obtain funds from equity in a commercial property when conventional financing is not an option. The property owner may have a previous bankruptcy, foreclosure, or less than ideal credit that will get them turned down by conventional lenders.

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