Use the Equity in your Florida Home as Collateral for a Loan

At AHL we connect borrowers who own property in Florida with equity and allow them to use it as collateral to get a hard and private money loan. Our network of private investors will work with Florida borrowers and homeowners who have equity in their residential, condo, doublewide, land, and investment properties, as well as vacation homes in all parts of Florida. Our hard money investors do not care about credit but will however evaluate the condition of your home, the pride of ownership, and appearance of your home. Does your home have curb appeal?


Use Your Property as Collateral for a Loan

If you have heard of a collateral loan but aren’t familiar with the term, collateral is simply an asset used to secure a loan. When you get a car loan the car itself is the collateral. The same thing is true if you have equity in your home. You can use that equity as collateral to secure a needed loan. Perhaps you want to make renovations but don’t have ready cash. Or, maybe you are interested in buying a vacation property. Regardless of the reason, collateral is a valuable way to get the money you need.


Collateral Loans 101: How does it work?

Collateral loans are a common and useful way to borrow money because the borrower is using an asset to secure the loan. Examples of a collateral loan include securing a home mortgage with the home or buying a car with the car acting as collateral. (more…)

Using Your Home as Collateral

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Using your home as collateral on a loan is a common practice when obtaining home equity loans or lines of credit. The downside of this is that your home is now being used to secure the loan, and you could lose it if you are unable to make the loan payments. Review all home equity loan considerations before making the decision to secure a loan with your home.


Five Traits of a Good Hard Money Investor!

Commercial hard money loans can be useful to property owners who need finances more rapidly than a commercial bank will provide, or who have less than ideal credit ratings. If the owner has reasonable income streams and the commercial property has adequate equity, hard money investors are interested in providing bridge financing to help your business grow.

If you are looking for hard money investors, there are five things you should look for in hard money investors. Let’s review them:


Difference Between Hard Money and Soft Money?

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You will often hear the terms “hard” or “soft” money connected to loans. There are some similarities, but there are also major differences. Let’s compare the two and see how they impact you as a borrower.


What is Free and Clear?

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How many of us dream of owning our home “free and clear” in our lifetime? What does that term mean? Free and clear simply refers to the home having no loans or other encumbrances on it at that time. More important to the homeowner, it also means that the home’s value is all equity, something that may be useful to the owner if they wish to renovate or expand the home.


You May Not Want to Pay Cash & Own Your Home Free & Clear!

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It is a dream of many homeowners to pay off their mortgage and own their home without any loan debt. It’s another thing to have the money to pay cash for your home and own it free and clear from day one. Very few people may have the resources to pay cash for a home, but even if you do it may not be in your best interest to do so. Let’s explore why a cash purchase may not be your best option.


My Home is Paid Off, Can I Get an Equity Loan?

Have you ever dreamed of paying off your home? No mortgage, no home debt, and a lot more money in your wallet every month. However, you may find you need some money, perhaps for a home improvement project or other need. Can you get money back out of the equity in your home, the answer is yes.

A home equity loan is defined as borrowing against the accumulated equity in a home, with equity being the amount of the home’s value not secured by any loan. Once you have paid off a mortgage you have 100 percent equity, something dreamed about by many people. But, there is a bit more to borrowing equity than simply signing loan papers for it.


Florida Land is a Prime Real Estate Asset!

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Florida is more than just the sunshine state and beautiful beaches! Florida is where you can buy land and acquire a Prime Real Estate Asset!