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In a world of investments you cant control especially tied to the stock market. Isn't it nice to have and option such as Trust/Mortgage Deed Investing you can Control along with Peace of Mind. \

Banks have recently tightened up their guidelines and lending policies. We have a dramatic influx of good borrowers with great equity positions who need to refinance and get cash out for many reasons. Banks, due to their very strict underwriting policies, will turn down many excellent borrowers. When you invest in 1st Trust deeds you, the investor, become the bank. You pick the type of property you want to invest in and we minimize your risk with very low loan to values. So there is still equity in the property if any swings or turns in the real estate market occur.

Trust/Mortgage deed investing will give the potential investor many attractive incentives over the regular marketplace

Control your destiny with trust/mortgage deed investing. Get a secure, peace of mind return. Minimize risk and eliminate the chaos of volatile stock markets with deed investing.

Advantages of What Makes 1st Trust/Mortgage Deed Investing

  • Secure Rates of Return
  • Pease of mind stable investment.
  • 100% equity position in the property all property have zero mortgage you determine the loan amount.
  • Banks have turned down may quality borrowers.
  • Rates of Return much better than what banks or offering.
  • Each Trust Deed Is Recorded in your name.
  • Monthly Payments like an Annuity.
  • If the client does not pay you will assume the property.
  • You can service the loan or our Investor Relations Department Can.
  • You can pick the type of property you want to invest in.
  • If, due to much effort to get the borrower to make on time payments, the property will be yours.

We offer Florida's largest network of borrowers who come to us to get connected to an investor seeking the free and clear Florida owner-occupied, non-owner occupied, land, commercial property, investment property, or upscale town-homes. We have hundreds of investors and references for our performance over many years.

All of our properties are in excellent A+ condition, you can choose the property you would like to invest in. Pride of ownership is critical for all of our borrowers. All of the borrowers will meet your guidelines for income verification, and our program will ensure you are protected to the fullest. You can even inspect the property and meet the borrower, you can be involved as much or as little as you like.

You can have your attorney review or prepare your mortgage note. Our Investor Relations Department will take the time and walk you through the Trust/Mortgage Deed process and answer all of your questions to your complete satisfaction.

5 Reasons to Get into Trust/Mortgage Deed Investing now

  1. Low loan to values.
  2. Our investors are only in 1st lien position.
  3. Secure rate of return each month, no volatile stock market mean minimized risk.
  4. Owner occupied, non owner occupied or commercial properties, you decide.
  5. Mortgage is in your name. You get the payments, you decide what property you like. You control the deal. You don't control the stock or bond market!

Below are some examples of different types of properties you might want to consider with 1st Trust/Mortgage Deeds.

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