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Posted by Brent on November 23, 2015

FL Hard Money Investor | Tampa Home Equity Loan Bad Credit

If you are a struggling real estate investor, you know the pain of being turned down for loans and needing cash immediately. We at AHL have partners that specialize in bank loans for investors. Whether you have five or thirty free and clear investment properties, we can refinance one or all and save you thousands of dollars in appraisal costs, interest, and escrow.


Our program is designed with flexibility in mind. We offer loans from $25,000 to $5 million, with terms of 15 and 20 years, for investment properties nationwide. Our appraisals are based on equity and property, and we have no cash out limits. Underwriting time comes in at 5-14 business days, with zero due diligence fees. Our Tampa Private Investors will accept all credit types.

At AHL Hard Money Loans, based out of Tampa FL, we offer the best investor programs available in Florida. With over twenty years of experience structuring titles and closing deals in LLCs, we are your first choice in real estate hard money loans. Our investors are guaranteed to provide quick, fast, and easy reviews for purchase or refinance programs. We also have blanket loans available for bulk REO purchases. Our LTVs go to 65%, with low rates, saving you thousands with no payment penalty.

We can offer loans to investment clubs, first time investors, and seasoned real estate investors alike. Our program is entirely equity driven, and is perfect to help your business grow. We specialize in self-employed investors, and are able to provide blanket loans with no appraisal. Contact AHL Hard Money today to get your real estate loans rolling. Our team is now serving the Brandon, Gainesville and the Siesta Key areas!

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