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Posted by Brent on August 20, 2021
Florida is number one in the country with condo developments, condo sales, and certainly more people retire here than any other state. We have foreign nationals buying condos in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Naples, and Sarasota, and condos as vacation and secondary homes in Orlando.  Condo sales have risen steadily over 20% with many gaining over 30% in equity values over the last few years. It's easy to see that the Florida condo market and townhome market that many borrowers have a need for capital and to pull funds out of their rising equity.  Let our private investors win your business and offer you the best hard equity loan on the market with lightning fast closing times and stress-free closings. No upfront fees to the borrower ever!
At AHL Hard Money Network, our portal and pool of hard and private money investors are here to service your funding needs by providing over $50 million a month to meet your condo refinance and equity needs. Our private investors will use the equity in your paid-off or free and clear condo without even considering your credit status.
Since they use the equity in your condo as collateral to secure the hard money loan (unlike banks), they can inspect the property personally, get you quick answers on approval, and will not require the long underwriting guidelines that banks put most borrowers through. 
Our investors offer loans as low as $30k up to $2 million on your refinance needs.  All credit types are considered, with limited documentation, and closing times less than 14 days in most cases. In these turbulent economic times of uncertainty, our investors will give you peace of mind and hundreds of years of hard money experience to get your deal closed stress and hassle free.  Condo developments remain strong in Miami, Naples, Sarasota, St Petersburg , Orlando, and West Palm Beach.
If you have a Florida condo or townhome and have been recently turned down by the bank, a hard and private money loan could be a finance option for you. If you need to get money to pay off back property taxes, condo association fees, debt consolidation, home improvement, or cash reserves, give us a call and let us give you a free condo property evaluation or condo home evaluation and determine the equity value in your home. Next we will then have you contact are private investors, and they will estimate the value of your condo or townhome and determine how much you can borrow. Using your condo as collateral for a hard money loan is available when you get it. 
Give the AHL Hard Money Network a call today at 813-516-5210 or fill out the form on this page to get started immediately.

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