Five Smart Ways Use Your Home Equity

Posted by Brent on August 7, 2018

Are you coming up short for cash for home improvements, college tuition, or another need? You may be sitting right now in a great source of equity that is often forgotten — your home. If you have owned a home for some time and made regular mortgage payments, you have been accumulating equity. AHL Hard Money Network can make that equity available to you.

Here are five smart ways to use the accumulated equity in your home:

  • Finance an expensive purchase — The reason hard money is useful for financing something expensive is the ability to deduct the loan interest from your taxes. Talk with your tax advisor about the details, but you may reduce the cost of that financing with the tax deduction.
  • Buy a property as an investment — AHL Hard Money Network can help free up the equity in your home if an investment property becomes available. Having cash available for an investment property can give you over other investors who will need to look for commercial financing. These properties can also require a large down payment, making your equity position another advantage in the transaction.
  • Home improvements — An equity loan is an ideal way to make needed improvements to your home. Most people don’t have enough cash available to pay a contractor for upgrades, yet they can have a lot of equity sitting there unused. Tap into that equity and make the improvements you need. You may be able to deduct the interest from your taxes and your home will gain value.
  • Pay for health care or long-term care — Many elderly homeowners don’t have the money to handle health care or long-term care expenses, yet they may be living in a home with a great deal of accumulated equity. Take advantage of that with an equity-based loan from AHL Hard Money Network. The elderly may not be able to qualify for conventional home equity loans due to a lack of a credit rating, but AHL Hard Money Network uses the home’s equity to secure the financing.
  • Get through market fluctuations — A home-equity based loan can help folks weather downturns in the market. Many people use dividends or other cash from market investments which can be affected by market recessions. The equity in your home can help get through those tough times so you can maintain the quality of your lifestyle.

Regardless of your need, contact AHL Hard Money Network if you wish to take advantage of the equity in your home. We are ready and willing to help Florida and other homeowners with their needs for cash now.

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