Condo / Townhomes Refinance in Florida


Florida has the largest concentrations of condos and townhomes in the United States. Condos or townhomes serve as secondary homes for many seasonal residents or Foreign Nationals in Naples, Sarasota, Orlando, Miami, and Ft. Myers. Condos and Townhomes in Florida also serve as traditional single family residences for younger couples.

Advantages of Living in Condo or Townhome in Florida.

  • Less money spent on landscaping
  • The Association will pay your property taxes in your monthly fees
  • You can enjoy all of the amenities of the complexes, golf course, pool, clubhouse
  • You don’t have to worry about home repairs
  • Condos are usually located next to the hottest locations
  • Save on fitness centers and enjoy self contained entertainment.
  • This is a good way to build equity at a much smaller price

AHL Hard Money Network investors specialize in providing Florida equity loans, Florida short term loans, bridge loans in Florida, Florida hard money loans and FLA private money loans, Florida mortgages and Florida financing refinance for these properties.

AHL Investors provide hard money loans that will finance 50% value on these types of condo properties. Closing in 3 to 10 days with no hassle!

Use Florida Condo Hard Money and Florida Townhome Hard Money:

  • The Banks have turned you down.
  • You are Self Employed
  • You are unable to verify all of your current income
  • You have had a recent foreclosure or a recent bankruptcy chapter 11 chapter 13
  • You had a recent short sale on one of your condos, houses, townhouse or property
  • You have no credit
  • You have less than two years on the job.

Townhouses and condos in Florida has more advantages than single family residences. If you are purchasing a condo or townhouse and the banks have turned you down, don’t give up. Contact AHL Hard Money Network Programs or call at 813-516-5210. to receive free information. Our investors will take the time to make the deal work for you and the items you need to make your dreams come true.

Florida Borrowing Against the Equity in the Home

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