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Florida Manufactured Home and Land Refinance

Posted by Brent on December 29, 2022

Florida has the largest concentration of manufactured homes in the country. There are many types of loans for homeowners who own a manufactured home single wide and land, double wide and land, and triple wide and land. 

Our investors are seeking to fund manufactured homes with land only, properties that have great pride of ownership, and you have your titles to the manufactured home. We are not seeking trailer park or RV park financing. You must own the land in order for us to help with your Florida manufactured home refinance request. Our private and hard money investors will loan up to 60% loan-to-value of your property equity. Ideally, we are seeking manufactured homes on a permanent foundation. Our investors will give potential borrowers an overview of rates and terms available once approval is issued.

Why Use Hard Money to Refinance your Florida Manufactured Home and Land

  • It's an easy niche loan program designed specifically just for Manufactured home-owners in Florida
  • Banks and credit unions normally will not fund or refinance a manufactured home.
  • Your credit is bad but you have equity in your manufactured home.
  • You are self-employed and you depreciate all your income.
  • You need to pull money quickly out of your doublewide or triple-wide with land and can wait 60 days for your cash.
  • Employed gaps or your debt-to-income ratio is a little high. 
  • You have been turned down by your local bank.

Doublewide and Land Refinance

We see many excellent doublewides with land many times around an acre. These properties are 1400 to 2000 sq feet, sometimes a shop or barn on the property, and often it's near a lake or river. Many of the manufactured homes we see are free and clear 100% equity in the property. Our investors will inspect your Florida real estate and issue approval within a few days of the property inspection. Your doublewide should be in good to excellent condition and be able to pass an inspection and appraisal. Our investors like to see you doublewide and land attached to a permanent foundation. Pride of ownership is very important and a good first impression is very important when lenders come to inspect your property. 

Triple-Wide and Land Refinance

If you are a Florida manufactured home-owner who owns a triple-wide and land, the square footage is usually 2200 to 3000 square feet, often times the owners might have an outdoor inground pool, wrap-around porch, deck, excellent pride of ownership of one to 5 acres, maybe a barn or shop on the property. We have seen many of these properties appraise for 200k to 450k depending on how much land is owned. Again your triple-wide must be in great condition. As we don't place much weight on credit of the borrowers, pride of ownership is a big requirement to getting your refinance. 

Steps in Refinancing Your Florida Manufactured Home 

  1. Call the Lender or Broker
  2. They will take an application.
  3. Lender or Appraiser will do an appraisal on your property
  4. Your property can only be in the state of Florida
  5. Submit your income documents and titles to your manufactured home. 
  6. Write a letter of explanation if needed by the underwriting team. 
  7. Order title and appraisal 
  8. Once your title and appraisal come back and everything is okay, set time to close

No upfront fees ever

Closing times 21 days or less

Only in the state of Florida

All income document types accepted pension, w2s, 

Bank statements, lease income, and rental income. 

Loan to values up to 60%

Equity Driven not credit driven. 

Make sense underwriting

Florida manufactured home hard and private money refinance is a specially tailored program designed to meet the special financing needs of borrowers who own a property and land in good condition and want to pull cash out for home improvement, debt consolidation, pay off property taxes, liens, start a new business, purchase another investment property, or to use for investments. If you're truly seeking to pull equity out of a manufactured home or want to refinance your manufactured home with bad credit, then our world-class team that specializes in manufactured home financing might just be a great fit for you and your family. To the cash out you need in 21 days or less. 

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