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AHL Hard Money Network is your source for Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood hard money loans. We are experts in providing private and hard money financing to free-and-clear or small balance commercial properties and real estate. We can provide loans from $50K to $5M to borrowers who have either been turned down by the banks or don’t want to face the endless hassles of conventional lenders.

We understand that real estate investors need to move quickly to secure properties in the competitive market in Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood. Our investor network is ready to serve your needs to provide equity-based financing with LTVs up to 70% on a variety of commercial properties including:

  • Multi-family buildings
  • Strip malls
  • Retail centers
  • Storage units
  • Restaurants
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Golf courses
  • Office buildings
  • Land
  • Apartments
  • Marinas and boat docks
  • And more!

We offer commercial land loans up to 50% LTV when other lenders won’t work with you on land financing. We can offer approvals in one day for commercial property owners in Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood if they own property free-and-clear. We offer easy and common-sense underwriting and will quickly approve borrowers even if they have a previous foreclosure, credit issues, or can’t show positive income on their business taxes. Our investors secure their loans with your equity, allowing you to pull cash from your commercial properties for whatever you need. Buy another property, make renovations, pay taxes or payroll, or whatever else you need — we are here to support our commercial property owners in Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood.

Here is what we offer at AHL Hard Money Network for commercial borrowers:

  • LTVs up to 70% for properties and 50% for land
  • No credit needed or checked
  • Approvals in 24 to 48 hours
  • Underwriting that makes sense
  • We consider all types of commercial properties
  • Rates 9-12%
  • No upfront fees
  • No inspection fees
  • No expensive appraisals
  • Private and hard money loans based on accumulated equity

Contact AHL Hard Money Network today if you are ready to make use of your hard-earned equity in Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood by calling or texting 813-516-5210.

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What We Offer

Hard Money Network is provided by investors who offer equity loans for free and clear properties in Florida. We at AHL Hard Money Network are a lead and marketing company that connects borrowers with hard and private money investors and we provide educational resources on hard money for potential borrowers.

We do not issue approvals. We are a marketing and lead portal. You will be contacted directly by our private investors. They will call you directly to determine the value and equity in your home and to help you throughout the approval process. Each inquiry is on a case by case basis. Thank you.
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