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Guide to Getting a Florida Hard Money Land Loan Refinance

Posted by Brent on April 3, 2024

When you go to a bank and try to do a land refinance chances are they will not approve you. Land loans or a niche type of lending. Only a few lenders will do land loans. We want to give borrowers a guide to getting a land loan refinance in Florida. If you own any type of land and its free and clear 100% equity in the land we have a network or portal of private investors who can evaluate your land type, location of the land, value of the land and determine how much they will lend on your land request. Our investors take the long process of maybe 1 to 2 months and can close your land loan in as little at 14 days.

How do i refinance my land loan in Florida?

The quickest way to refinance your land loan in Florida is to call a hard or private money lenders. And give them the details of your land type. IS this a vacant lot your looking to build future house on, do you own rural acreage, do you own land on a farm, golf course, commercial land, or waterfront property. The value of the land of course depends on the location.? What did you pay for it, How long you have owned it.

How much can i borrow on my land loan?

Hard and private money investors will usually loan up to 50 to 55% of the value of. your land. The loan to values or way lower than any other type of real estate or if you had a home , or condo or mobile home on the land. Terms and condiition will vary depending on which lender you decide to go with.

Our underwriting team can handle any type of land deal as they have closed on 50 to 100 rural acres in Florida, to multiple residential lots next to one another in the city and did a blanket loan on several lots, we have commercial land loans in high dense population areas, and waterfront land loans or very popular in Florida as the whole state is surround by land.

What parts of Florida do you do land loan in?

The whole state of Florida, Tampa, Miami, Naples, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Panama City, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Clearwater, West Palm, The Keys.
Any where in Florida i hard money investors will be happy to look at and consider your land deals and make you and offer.

How much can i borrow on my land Loan?

You can borrow up to 50% to 55% of the value of the land. If your own waterfront property value at 1,000,000 you can borrower 500k, and if you own 200 acres of farm land valued at 1,000,000 is the same you would get 500k land and still have 50% equity in your land. If you own commercial land in downtown Miami, Orlando your land could be worth 1million to 10 million dollars. Many times we dont need a appraisal done saving you the borrower thousands of dollars.

How to i get a Florida Private Money Land Refinance?

You first call you hard or private money investor, they will take and application and get the basic information they need to give to the investors.
The Investor will contact you the borrow and set up and appointment to determine the value and inspect your land. They meeting they will take the information they gather on your property can call you back in a day or two to give you an approval and amount you can borrow. An application will be done, and income documents will have to be submit. They is a simple process and doesn't require many documents. Most times they will skip and appraisal, and title must be ordered. Once title comes back, you will review you loan documents and once you okay with the numbers a closing time will be set. You will show up at the closing and get your cash 3 days later. Each step of the way you special representative will be there to answer any questions, help you get the documents you need, and answer any questions. you may have about your loan and when it will close.

Our group of hard and private money land loan Florida investors have hundreds of years of experience to help you qualify and get the many you need. You can trust and rely on our experienced team of underwriters to make the process simple, easy, fast, no bank hassles and upfront fees or appraisal fees. We hope you now have a better guide and understanding to getting and qualifying for your Florida land loan refinance.

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