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Florida Manufactured Home and Land Equity Refinance


We offer amazing options for borrowers through our private investors in Florida for manufactured home borrowers. Our private money investors are seeking manufactured homes and doublewide and land usually half an acre to one acre and model 1985 and above to above average condition. If you are looking for a private equity or hard money loan, bad credit refinance loan, or cash-out mobile home equity loan with land then we have many options available for you.

Our private investors will go up to 60% of the value of the home and the smallest loan amount is 30,000 and up. If you are self-employed, no problem! Our private investors at AHL Money Network and their underwriters will work with your bank statements to prove your monthly income. We offer manufactured home equity loans and hard money manufactured cash-out refinance loans all over Florida in cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland, Springhill, Sarasota, and Ft. Myers. We do not do mobile home parks or mobile homes in parks - very sorry. You must own the land and have your mobile home titles and deeds to be able to meet the standards of the loan with our investors.

The process is that our Private Investors who specialize in manufactured bad credit loans or hard money loans will contact you directly and come inspect your property. Your manufactured home must be anchored and must have pride of ownership. Since they don’t require credit scores as a requirement, your income and pride of ownership will weigh heavily in the underwriting process. If they decide to proceed with your refinance request, an appraisal will be required and a title will be ordered. Your title must be free of any liens, or judgments to proceed. Closing times for your manufactured Florida hard money refinance will take around 14 days - many times less. No upfront fees ever and your appraisal is usually included in the loan closing. Very few hard money investors will consider doing Florida manufactured home refinances. If your property is in great condition, and you can prove income, and pride of ownership in your mobile home then your loan process will go easy, fast, and streamlined with no bank hassles. Most of the Florida manufactured or doublewide equity loan requests will use their cash-out for home improvement, debt consolidation, paying of cars, reducing credit card debt, or putting cash reserves as a safety net in emergency cases.

Benefits of using our private and hard money investors to get your doublewide and land cash-out refinance done. It's very fast, no bank hassles, if you are self-employed no problem, no credit needed. Our private investors will go up to 60% loan to value of the home, easy underwriting, fast closing times of less than two weeks, no upfront fees, rates will usually be 10% to 12%. When you are thinking about a Florida cash-out manufactured home refinance, we can help you meet your financing needs. Call AHL Hard Money Network at (813) 368-9919.

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Hard Money Network is provided by investors who offer equity loans for free and clear properties in Florida. We at AHL Hard Money Network are a lead and marketing company that connects borrowers with hard and private money investors and we provide educational resources on hard money for potential borrowers.

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We do not issue approvals. We are a marketing and lead portal. You will be contacted directly by our private investors. They will call you directly to determine the value and equity in your home and to help you throughout the approval process. Each inquiry is on a case by case basis. Thank you.
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