Florida Hot Real Estate Market Rises

Posted by Brent on October 13, 2015

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The real estate market is on the rise, and many excellent borrowers are being turned down by banks for the loans that they need. This is often due to strict underwriting policies. That is where AHL Hard Money Network comes in. We match homeowners with our network of investors who can help them refinance or get cash out, and are looking for more investors to meet the demand for money loans.

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Investing in Trust/Mortgage Deeds is easier to control than other investments, such as those tied to the stock market. With so many good borrowers with great equity positions needing investors, you can choose from many different properties to invest in. When you invest in Trust/Mortgage Deeds, you become the bank. The borrowers need to meet your guidelines for income and you can be as involved in the process as you want. All of the properties are in excellent condition, and you can inspect the property and meet the borrower if you choose.

There are many advantages to investing in Trust/Mortgage deeds. One of the main reasons that investors do this is because it is a secure investment. Our program ensures that you are protected, and the mortgage is in your name, so you get all of the payments. You can decide between an owner occupied, non-owner occupied, or commercial property. If for some reason, the client does not pay you, you will assume the property.

Imagine helping a family that was turned by the bank capture the American Dream and get them the loan or cash that they need. Call Pat Williams, Investor Relations, at 813-965-6967 to make an appointment to hear more about these opportunities. We have references available upon request.

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