How to Get Cash Out of Your Home and Refinance with Hard and Private Money

Posted by Brent on March 20, 2023

As the economy is changing every day, costs or going up on building materials and consumer goods, our clients always have need to borrow against the equity in their home and some have what we call bruised or challenged credit. When you need to get money out of the equity in your home in Florida in Florida and you have bad credit what are you options. The banks have high credit score requirements, and so do the credit unions. So where do you turn to get the money, you need to consolidate debt, do home improvement, pay off credit cards and car loans. You can turn to the assistance of a hard or private money lender who will instead look at the collateral in your home and base the loan not on credit but on the pure equity in your owner occupied, non-owner occupied, investment property in Florida , condo , land , double-wide and land or commercial building and land. 

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Having access to this type of loan and pool of private investors who will overlook high credit scores but give more weight to the the equity in the borrower's real estate is amazing. Its completely different than the underwriting process of the banks. 

When you need to pull equity out of your home and have bad credit to do:

Home Improvement

Debt Consolidation

Pay Off Cars and Boats, Trucks

Get money for cash reserves.

Purchase another rental property with your equity.

Pay off the IRS

Get money for starting a business or expanding your current business.

Whatever the reason our private and hard money investors or here to help you get the funds you need and in a very timely, fast, efficient and streamlined manner usually less than 14 days. The process is very very simple and easy. 

Call the Phone number one of the Representatives will get your information about your property.

The Private Investors will come inspect your property.

The underwriting team and the private investor will determine a value, they or he is comfortable with putting on the table

If you accept the value they will 

You will submit some income documents for proof of payment

Order title and

Order Appraisal 

Then 10 days for underwriting and if title is free and clear. 

Get clear to close usually in 14 days or less. 

Whether you need 30k up to 2 million dollars we can help you with our pool of hundreds of investors who give you many more options than just one bank. They will tailor a loan to your specific needs and meets you budget and will allow you time to repay the loan back. Our goal is to make you a lifetime financial customer and work with you in many different stages as your family grows and expands and your needs change over time. We are here and have a underwriting team with 100s of years of experience who will be glad to help and answer any questions you have. Turbo hard money home equity loans will help you get the funds and cash you need if you have equity in your residential home or Florida Real Estate. 

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