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Leverage the Equity in Your Home

Your home’s equity is a valuable asset you should be able to tap into and use as needed. However, conventional banks and lenders have tightened their underwriting rules and homeowners who have previous credit or financial issues may be denied a home equity loan. It’s your home — you should be allowed to use your money! Now you can with a hard money equity loan from AHL Hard Money Network.

Our investor network looks at the home’s accumulated equity and secures its loan with that asset. We don’t need to use conventional underwriting rules because we don’t look at your credit. You should seriously consider a home equity loan from AHL Hard Money Network if:

  • A bankruptcy or foreclosure is on your record
  • You are self-employed
  • Your credit rating is below conventional thresholds
  • You owe child support
  • You have an IRS lien
  • You have already been rejected by a bank or other lender

We will review the equity position in your home and some basic financial information, then if approved you will receive your money in just a few days. No extreme paperwork hassles, no invasive look at your financial and credit history, and certainly no long delays waiting for approval.

Here are some ways you can leverage your home equity with a loan from AHL Hard Money Network:

  • Buy a vacation home
  • Renovate your home
  • Build a needed addition
  • Refinance a high-interest rate mortgage

Our investors will typically loan up to 55% of the equity in your home. This may give you the money you need to fix up your home and have a bit left over for fun. If you have accumulated equity in your home and can’t get a bank to give you access to it, contact AHL Hard Money today at 813-516-5210.

*We do not issue approvals. We are a marketing and lead portal. You will be contacted directly by our private investors. They will call you directly to determine the value and equity in your home and to help you throughout the approval process. Each inquiry is on a case by case basis. Thank you.

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