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Miami has the largest concentration of Luxury condos next to New York City. You have hundreds of high-rise condo towers all offering various amenities to their clients many foreign nationals who own a secondary or vacation home in Miami. We wanted to design and tailor with our pool and portal of private money investors loans to target the luxury condo market for clients with bad credit or foreign nationals who have no credit score. Our private money investors will lend on the equity in your condo no credit score is needed. Our underwriters realize that borrowers faced many challenges trying to keep a perfect credit score in today's rising inflation rates, high-interest rates, and meeting the demands of everyday life and the cost of raising a family. It's very taxing and can lead to bruises on your credit score.
Our goal is to help and give condo owners in Miami an option to turn to when they need to:
  • Pull cash out of their condo.
  • Borrow against the equity in the condo.
  • Do a home equity loan on the property.
  • Refinance the condo.
  • Get a Hard Money Loan on the condo unit.
Miami Florida
If the local Miami Banks and credit unions have turned, you are down and you're looking to refinance and use the equity in your Miami high-rise condo as collateral then you may want to consider hard or private money or non-conventional loan to help you get the cash you need.
  • Super-fast in less than 14 days.
  • With lite underwriting.
  • Lite Documentation.
  • Recent foreclosures okay.
  • Recent bks okay.
  • If you're a foreign national and have no credit score but own a condo free and clear.
  • If you're self-employed.
A big niche for AHL is the self-employed borrower who owns a business however they have trouble showing positive income and the banks will not do a loan if your taxes show a loss. Our underwriting team will the condo owner and use the bank statements. This gives the borrower a chance to build his income and show positive income to be able to make monthly mortgage payments.  Again the goal is to work with the client, and tailor a loan specifically to meet the needs of the borrower.
Banks have one product our private investors have hundreds of products to offer the client. Borrowers can try to borrow up to 60% to 65% of the value of the condo, various loan products, yes we do close on condo refinances in Orlando, Ft. Myers, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota Florida as well. However, Miami has the largest niche of luxury condos in Florida and it has a huge Hispanic population and we have a diverse underwriting team that speaks Spanish ready to help and meet the request of our potential new clients/borrowers.
Steps to getting your Miami Luxury Condo Refinance Closed.
  • 1. Speak with the Loan Officer /Underwriting Team
  • 2. The Private Investor and Appraiser will inspect the property
  • 3  Fill out your application and gather you documents.
  • 4. An appraisal will be ordered
  • 5. Your title to the property to show free of any incumbrancers will be ordered
  • 6. Answer any final questions the underwriters my have for you.
  • 7 Review your closing documents.
  • 8. Close your condo refinance.
We try to offer the best programs for refinancing your Miami condo or townhome with the easiest loan process, streamlined with hassle and stress-free for your peace of mind. Let's work on the difficult parts of the loan. We customize the loan and tailor it to meet your payment needs and the length of the term. No other bank or private money institution will accomplish this for their clients. Let us show you why we are experienced, and different and we have plenty of references for our clients closing luxury condo loans. Thanks, very much and we appreciate your time.

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