Private Money Florida Debt Consolidation Loan

Posted by Brent on November 7, 2022

A Florida Hard Money Debt Consolidation loan is using a mortgage loan and paying off all your debt and only having one payment each month. You will use the equity in your primary residence and pay off all your credit card balances and make one single payment each month.

This is a great option if you have been turned down by several banks, and credit unions. If you have less than perfect credit banks will not approve you. If you or self-employed and or carrying a lot of credit card debt. If you have income problems or debt-to-income ratio problems. A lot of times our clients have debt-to-income ratio problems. They have tremendous excessive credit card debt, car payments and payments to financial companies and this will not qualify them for bank loans. At this point, you might consider a debt consolidation refinance as a tool to solve your financial problems.

Why Use Hard Money To Consolidate and Pay off Your Debt

Using Hard Money or Private Money because you have credit score issues and the banks have turned you down. You or straddle and crippled financially with 20,000, 40,00o tup 150,000 in high-interest credit cards debt. Our pools of hard and private money lenders will use the equity in your home, condo, investment property, land, or vacation home in Florida to help you get the refinance and cash out you need to pay off all your debt.

You don’t have to be a trap by this high payment every month. You have to get financial freedom and now start saving month each month If you need a quick closing our hard and private money closing times or around 12 to 16 days. If you have tried many other financial situations this would be a very good course of action to take when you feel drowned by debt, have been turned down by the banks, and need financial relief.

How do I apply for a Hard and Private Money Debt Consolidation Loan?

You contact a hard or private money lender or investor. They will determine the equity in your home, then contact you about how much the value of your home is worth and how much you can borrow. Once this amount is determined and decide to proceed based on your loan amount the investor /loan officer will order a title and appraisal with some income documentation to be provided. Our appraisal will usually be paid at the door by the homeowner and your title will take up to 10 days. Typically closing times with no problems no liens and getting your loan officer the paperwork as quickly as you can. A borrower can look to close in 12 to 14 days. Loan amount will vary by borrow form 30k to 50k to 150k up to 300k or more for cash out. Usually the title company will have a list of all the credit cards you want to pay off at closing on your hud statement.

Why Use a Hard and Private Money Company to Do my Florida Debt Consolidation Refinance?

-It's much faster than a bank

-Underwriting time is super fast

-Quick, simple, easy streamlined loan process

-They will let you use alternative sources of income

-You will eliminate 5, 10, 15, 20 credit card payments and only make one monthly mortgage payment

-Save up to 20,000 to 100k a year and give yourself a nice pay rise in the process.

-Get your financial freedom back and take control of your financial future.

Investors know your file and deal with you personally your not just a stack of applications but a real , genuine, valued client for life

We give you a strategy and road map to help improve your credit eliminate all excessive credit card debt, financial consulting, and strategies to take control of your financial future by slashing all debt and paying all your high-interest bills off.

A Private Money Debt Consolidation Loan might be the right loan for you when you or limited by your credit and income problems. And the banks have turned you down. You can leverage the equity in your home to pay off all debt and only have one monthly mortgage payment.

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