Refinance Right After Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida

Posted by Brent on December 27, 2022

Many people have unforseen circumstances that effect then financially and they will have to file chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy. We appreciate the clients who have had bumps in the road and need a second chance to rebuild their credit and have the ability to borrow against the equity in their Florida home, condo, land, mobile home and land townhome or vacation property. Most banks, conventional lenders or credit unions will not allow a homeowner to borrow until have two years has passed on chapter 7 and some chapter 13.  We have Florida's largest portal and group of private and hard money lenders and investors who will allow a homeowner to borrow after a chapter 7 bankruptcy has been discharged. This allows a homeowner to not have to wait the two years that banks will require. We believe that our clients financially crisis should not be used against them and it takes a specialize hard money investor to tailor make a unique loan to meet the special needs of a borrower. Our investors will not focus on your bk, they will focus on the equity in your Florida home and use that a collateral to secure a loan against your real estate owner occupied or non owner occupied Florida property. 

How to apply for a Refinance after a bankruptcy discharge

  • You will fill out and application
  • The Private Investor /Lender will contact you directly
  • You must submit documentation such income documents, bk discharge papers and previous owners title policies
  • You may have to write a short easy letter of explanation of the reason that led to the bk 
  • Our Underwriting team will guide you with the backing of hundreds of years of experience closing these types of deals and will be there to answer any questions you may have. 
  • They will order title and appraisal. 
  • You must have equity in your Florida home, condo, land and mobile home and land. 
  • You will be contacted and told when the closing will take place. usually the time frame will be 21 days or less. 
  • No upfront fees 

How Long Will It Take to Get My Tiny Home Refinanced and Get My Cash

  • You will submit your application
  • The investor will inspect your property
  • They will get documents from you
  • Then the underwriting team will order the title and appraisal.
  • They may require a letter of explanation
  • Once your title and appraisal come back, it's then time to close. The normal time is around 14 to 21 days until closing time.

Reason you need to refinance after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

  • You need to pay off some of your credit cards, or cars, reduce high interest payments
  • You need to pay property taxes or any tax liens
  • You need to purchase a new car, 
  • Your looking to do home improvement upgrade kitchen, new pool, add a room to your home to increase value and square footage. 
  • You looking to start a new business and you need quick capital to get your business going. 
  • Pay for medical expense, investment purposes, 
  • Whatever the reason you can refinance right after you get you bankruptcy discharge papers assuming you have the right equity in your Florida home. 

Our investors will do a hard or private money loan.

The loan will only consider the Equity in your Florida owner occupied or nonowner occupied property

Once you get you chapter 7 bk discharge papers you can apply to refinance

Our investor will leverage your equity in your property and overlook credit, there is no waiting two years, you can refinance two weeks after you bankruptcy discharge. Alot of homeowners or told they can't do anything and miss out on getting the money, cash or funds they need as soon as possible. Our underwriting team will answer all your questions, take their time to guide you step by step through the hard money loan process and streamline it to eliminate any tension, stress or anixety you may have. Our hard money investors and underwriting team have hundreds of years of experience to put to work for you. 

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