Refinance Your Condo or Home in Boca Grande with Bad Credit or No Credit

Posted by Brent on March 20, 2023
Boca Grande is in Lee County Florida. The population is around 1800 and has over 1,200 housing units with the average age being around 63 years old. Property values in Lee County had since a 14% increase in values over 500 to 1 million and over a 10% increase in value over the last two years of properties over 1 million in Value. 20% of the population or foreign national residents. With many being seasonal residents. The median income in Boca Grande is 120k. And there or an amazing number of vacation condos and luxury homes in the 2-to-10-million-dollar range with many of these homeowners being self-employed.
Boca Grande Florida
The problem is many self-employed residents at some point will want to refinance or pull cash out of their Boca Grande owner-occupied home, investment property or condo.  They can't get a bank loan and must have some type of financing options available. They or usually self-employed borrowers who owned their own businesses and can show all their income to prove monthly payments they depreciate everything and show a loss. How do they get refinance or home equity loan when they need to borrow money? Hard and Private money becomes the avenue they can go to because they don't need credit. Our Private Investors will lend money on the equity or collateral of the home or condo.
If your or trying to pull money out of your condo, land, or home in Boca Grande and you need to borrow and the banks have turned you down due to lack of income, a loss on your property taxes, or being self-employed. Please let our hard money underwriting team offer you:
  • 14-day quick closings
  • Lite documentation compared to the banks.
  • Use of alternative sources of income and business taxes, rental income and bank statements, ira, pensions, retirement.
  • We cover the whole state of Florida.
  • Same-day Approvals.
  • No upfront fees ever.
  • Hundreds of years of mortgage experience to close your deal with peace of mind.
  • Many times no appraisal.
  • Recent bankruptcies or previous foreclosures are no problem as long as you have tremendous equity in your home, investment property, waterfront land, townhome, or vacation home.
Also if you own a condo complex, hotel, or motel in Boca Grande and you're trying to get a commercial loan we have great commercial loan hard money problems where we can avoid most times an expensive bank appraisal and get you the cash you need on your commercial building in 21 days or less assuming clear title.
Many Boca Grande commercial landowners and borrowers own motels and hotels or are self-employed and we can offer them up to 65%loan to value just using the equity in the commercial building and land. Giving these borrowers an option, they would have at a local bank or credit union.
They can get the cash out they need to upgrade their building, expand the business, purchase new equipment, pay taxes, or whatever they need for the income we can help them. Boca Grande is a great vacation hub in Florida offering many fishing and water sport activities and a wonderful place to live. We want to be able to offer the community financing options when they can't get a bank loan. Call AHL Hard Money at 813-368-9919.

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