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Posted by Brent on August 18, 2015

Equity in your Sarasota residential property is the key to unlocking financial help. AHL's network of Private and Hard Money investors offer hard money loans to owners of free and clear residential property in Sarasota. Whether you own a single family home, vacation home, condominium, or trailer home, AHL can connect you with Private investors willing to extend a loan based on the value of your property even when your bank will not. We know there are many reasons why you may not have been approved by a traditional lender and you're not alone! Banks refuse a large percentage of loan applicants based on factors such as credit scores, past bankruptcy, and self employment.

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The basis for a hard money loan is the value of the mortgage free property that you put up for collateral and the loan amount is typically 50-60 percent of that value. A hard money loan is a higher interest but shorter duration loan and the process is much faster than that of a traditional loan. The equity in your Sarasota residential property may be your ticket to avoiding a foreclosure, paying the IRS, buying a second home, or starting a business. AHL not only connects you to Private money, they're there to guide you every step of the way.

Sarasota Banks and credit unions have strict guidelines they have to follow. Sadly the majority of most borrowers have some type of credit gliche. That's where our private investors will fill the void the banks can not. They offer Private mortgage loans based on the equity of your home up to 60% If you own a free and clear , residential, condo, townhome, commercial, land, doublewide with land. You might qualify if you have the right equity in your home and the condition of your home has to be A plus.

Advantages of a Sarasota Hard Money Loan over a Bank:

Its Fast 7 to 10 days. Banks take 30 to 60 days

Banks base your loan on credit

Private Investors based your loan on the equity in your home

Lite Documentation where the banks will require unlimited documentation

Streamlined loan process vs the banks long 90 day loan process

Flexible terms and a program tailor made just for you. Banks have structured loan programs.

Private Investors care about your financial situation and will listen banks care about the credit score!

If your a Sarasota resident and need to get no credit mortgage, private money loan, private money loan for self employed borrowers please contact us now so we can help you get started. Our private investors will allow you to use their investments for home improvement, debt consolidation, pay off back property taxes, IRS liens, purchase another home or investment property, purchase a new business, pay for medical expenses, use the money to purchase a new car, for investments. Finding out if you qualify for a hard money loan is easier than think so get stared today on our AHL website!

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