Steps to File for a Florida Hard Money Loan

Posted by Brent on September 28, 2015

FL Hard Money Loans | Sarasota Home Equity Loan

If your seeking a home equity loan with bad credit, no credit or bad credit mortgage loan with no income chances are our Investors can help you.

Simplicity is the Difference. Easy 3 Step Process to getting your Cash in 8 to 12 days. AHL Marketing and Lead LLC is a market leader in connecting investors and borrowers for hard money loans. These loans are a preferred option for quick loan availability, money for borrowers with less than good credit, or loans that have been refused by commercial banks for any number of reasons.

florida home loans for bad credit

We have a range of investors looking for opportunities to invest with borrowers needing hard money loans. Borrowers must realize that interest rates might be higher than with a commercial bank, but this is due to the risk the investors take with less than ideal loans or borrowers’ credit. Borrowers can be in a preferred situation for hard money loans if they have free and clear equity in a residential or commercial property. This makes getting a hard money loan easier, because the investor can secure the loan against the equity in the property. It will also make the loan process easier, since the borrower often only needs to provide information on the equity position with proof they are the owner of record.

Borrowers need to realize that a hard money loan opportunity does not mean they won’t have to disclose their credit situation. Investors need to understand the financial position of their borrowers, so credit and income records are often a requirement for a loan. Regardless, the loan process may still be faster than if a borrower were to use a commercial bank.

To file for a Florida hard money loan, borrowers can contact AHL Marketing and Lead LLC by calling us at (813) 368-9919. We can be reached for questions by email at An easy way to start the Florida hard money process is to fill out our online form you can access at Once your information and credit report have been reviewed, we will put you in contact with an investment professional. From Tampa to Naples, from Sarasota to Ft. Lauderdale, AHL Hard Money is ready to assist you. Contact us today to help you secure your hard money loan.

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