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Posted by Brent on August 31, 2015

FL Hard and Private Money | Orlando Home Equity Loan

Are you an Orlando homeowner or investor in need of a loan? Maybe you've been turned down by a traditional banker because of credit issues or income verification issues. If so, a hard money loan may be the answer. Hard money loans are provided by private investors and are based primarily on equity. At AHL Hard Money Network in Tampa, Fl, we connect Orlando property owners with a network of private money investors willing to offer loans based on the equity you have as collateral.

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As a top vacation destination, Orlando is ever growing and ever changing. AHL Hard Money can help you keep up, renovate, remodel, or transform your business. Whether you need a loan to expand your business, pay Orange County taxes, consolidate debt, or even to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy, AHL is your friend in the private money business. In addition to being based on equity, and therefore available to Orlando property owners with credit issues, hard money loan decisions are made significantly faster than traditional advance decisions. Timing can be everything and hard money is fast money.

Along with a thriving economy, Orlando offers a diverse selection of property. Driven by the vacation condo market, Orlando's real estate market continues to grow and thrive. Looking to take advantage of great bargains still found in Orange County? If you've been turned down for a bank loan or credit, let AHL's resources work for you. We can help home buyers and investors with purchase programs specifically for those with credit issues or blemishes. An Orlando hard money loan can be used to purchase property, start a new venture, update or expand an existing business, or satisfy debts, liens and taxes. With our large network of private investors, we can also assist investors seeking blanket loans for multiple properties. Hard money loans can help you thrive in Orlando's international and multi-dimensional economy. We're here to help with any questions. For more information and a free consultation, contact our Orlando Hard Money team at (813) 516-5210 or online.

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