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Posted by Brent on January 26, 2018

Florida homeowners may be lucky enough to have a paid-off mortgage, yet unlucky to have less than perfect credit when they want to apply for a home improvement loan. They get turned down by the banks who look hard at credit ratings or previous credit issues. What are their options? A good one is to contact AHL Hard Money Network.

ft lauderdale home loans for bad credit

AHL Hard Money Network uses investors who want your business by using the equity in your home to secure a mortgage with us. Perhaps you owe back taxes on a Florida home or condo or have gotten behind on your HOA payments. Private money loans from AHL Hard Money Network can solve those problems and more. Over 45 percent of our clients are using our private money network for back taxes or association fees in arrears. Why not join them?

If you are at risk of losing your home because of tax liens or homeowners association problems, we can help you get the money quickly and with fewer hassles than a bank. In many cases, we can supply funds within 10 days or less, without a credit check by our investor network. Many older homeowners or those self-employed without steady income statements are at risk of losing their homes. Once again we can help because we only need to see the equity available in your home to secure the loan.

Paying taxes or fees is not the only reason to contact AHL Hard Money Network. How about that long-needed home improvement like a new kitchen, bathroom, or other renovation yet you never seem to have enough money to fund it? Well, that equity in your paid-off home will easily fund it, and you can have access to that money with AHL Hard Money Network. You get added value to the home because of the improvements you make, you use the equity you have in your free and clear home, and you don’t have the stress of dealing with a conventional bank.

Whether you have a primary home, secondary home, vacation residence, owner-occupied condo, or even a nonowner-occupied property, AHL Hard Money Network would like to talk with you about your home improvement or other money needs. Our investors can determine the amount of your loan based on the equity and your ability to repay. You deserve a chance to use the equity you have worked hard to create — you can do it with AHL Hard Money Network.

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