What is the Hard Money Process?

Posted by Brent on August 22, 2018

A hard money loan is a popular way for real estate investors to purchase a property for fixing up or a rental property for regular income. These loans are considered hard money financing if they are secured by the equity in the property, don’t necessarily rely on the credit rating of the borrower, and are outside conventional bank or other financing.

Hard Money Lending from AHL Hard Money Network

A hard money lender like AHL Hard Money Network has a group of investors looking to finance properties for borrowers not easily qualified for conventional loans. They use accumulated equity in the property to secure the loan. When an application is made with us, we will ask for information about the property, sources of income, and other relevant information. If approved, underwriting of the hard money loan can occur in a number of days. Compare this to possibly weeks with conventional lenders if the borrower can even qualify for a conventional loan.

Some borrowers who can benefit from hard money financing include:

  • Self-employed
  • Previous history of foreclosure or bank repossession
  • Low credit rating
  • No established credit

Borrowers should keep in mind that our investors are accepting a higher risk than a conventional lender so interest rates will be higher and the term of the loan can be shorter, perhaps 10 years maximum or less. Hard money lending is useful for real estate deals where the property may be sold in a short period of time, or the property is able to create ongoing rental or other income such as lease income from commercial property.

If you don’t feel you will qualify for conventional financing, or you need money to secure an investment property more quickly than will occur with a conventional lender, contact AHL Hard Money Network today at hard money loan. Our investor network is skilled in approving and underwriting hard money financing to let you obtain the properties you need quickly and easily.

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