When the Bank Says No, Hard Money Helps

Posted by Brent on May 6, 2019

As conventional banks become more cautious and conservative, investors can have greater difficulty in obtaining loans for real estate investments or improvements. Also, the recession in 2008 led to many smaller banks and lenders being absorbed into larger banking institutions. These factors don’t bode well for commercial real estate investors looking for prompt responses on financing. This is where hard money financing from AHL Hard Money Network can help.

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AHL Hard Money Network investors look for accumulated equity to secure their investment and are less interested in credit ratings or other factors used by conventional lenders. Because confirmation of equity can occur rapidly, our investors can provide financing in just a few business days versus weeks or months for conventional banks, if the banks approve at all.

Some reasons why conventional financing is not a good choice include:

  • Speed: Commercial lenders can take up to 90 days or more, far slower than needed for most commercial real estate investments.
  • Income: Commercial lenders want to see regular income sources from W2 or other verifiable income sources; many commercial investors are self-employed without regular income.
  • Credit Rating: Real estate investors may have less than perfect credit due to the nature of their business, especially if they were investing during the 2008 recession. Credit rating is a large factor in conventional lending.

There is no reason to be frustrated over and over by conventional lenders — come to AHL Hard Money Network and tell us what you need. Our investors look for creativity and can think differently from locked-in conventional lender thinking. Our investor network is ready and willing to put their money to work to help you grow, so don’t miss out on commercial real estate opportunities. Contact AHL Hard Money Network today by calling or texting us at 813-516-5210!

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