Five Traits of a Good Hard Money Investor!

Posted by Brent on February 13, 2017

Commercial hard money loans can be useful to property owners who need finances more rapidly than a commercial bank will provide, or who have less than ideal credit ratings. If the owner has reasonable income streams and the commercial property has adequate equity, hard money investors are interested in providing bridge financing to help your business grow.

If you are looking for hard money investors, there are five things you should look for in hard money investors. Let’s review them:

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Communication — Is the hard money Investor website professionally designed with clear and concise information? If you contact them for information, do they respond promptly? If you contact a hard money investment group and they take more than one business day to respond, they may not be committed to the business. Look elsewhere.

Knowledge — You should be able to ask reasonable questions about hard money Investing and receive immediate answers. If you get repeated “we’ll get back to you” that should be a red flag that the Investor is not up to snuff on their knowledge.

Clarity or transparency — Vague answers about how an investor will handle your request form, get you the money, or other issues should set off alarms. Good hard money investors offer clear and transparent processes in getting you connected to investors. There should be nothing vague about it.

Professional interactions — You are a business professional and should expect to deal with investors who act the same. Investors should deal with you professionally, respond accurately and promptly, and be organized about details and on-time with their promises. They will expect you to do the same.

Respectful and respected — Both are important because investors should be respectful of you and your business situation. Just as important is whether the investors are respected by others in the industry and by clients who have worked with them. Go online and look for reviews and testimonials before you interact with any investors.

AHL Hard Money Loans, feels strongly that all five of the above criteria are an intrinsic part of our business. We will be prompt, transparent, and respectful in all aspects of our interactions with you. Contact us today if you are looking for a commercial hard money or bridge loan to support your business.

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