Tax Deed Sale

Posted by Brent on March 20, 2023

One of the most stressful times in your life can be when you're about to lose your property, due to a tax deed sale. If you have not paid your property taxes after three years it goes to the tax deed. One thing to stay up with each county is different pay once a year, semiannually and monthly. You want to stay on top of your property taxes. If you have large amounts of equity in your primary home, secondary Florida home, condo, land or double-wide and land Please pay your property taxes. There are many factors that can get someone behind on their Florida property taxes, You lost your job, you're unemployed, your got sick, temporary lack of funds, medical reasons, family emergencies. Whatever the reason we at AHL Hard Money Network or here to help you get the money you need out of your home and pay your Florida property taxes and get them current or stop the tax deed sale.

Usually when you property goes to tax deed sale you have 30 to 60 days again every county in Florida is different. As property taxes or going up so much these days you do not want to get behind at all on your property taxes. How can we help you get your condo or home up to date with your property taxes. Well, our pool of private money investors and underwriting team work super-fast to get you loan closed know that time is sensitive and very urgent matter.

  1. get the documents the underwriting team needs fast
  2. Answer all questions when you are called by the underwriting team
  3. Help getting the tax payoff form your county
  4. Double checking with the county when you tax deed sale will be
  5. Make sure we have your appraisal
  6. Sign your documents. Time is of the essence save your home, don't argue with the underwriting team. Its a stressful enough situations.

Please don't wait until one week before your home goes to tax deed or sheriff's sale. You don't want time to expire. Your home is your greatest investment and assets you want to protect that asset at all costs. Once we have your title orders, the property appraised and you get clear to close. Your documents will be hand delivered to the county courthouse to make sure the tax deed sale will be stopped. Our underwriters will do a loan up to 65% of the value of your home, with very little documentation compared to a regular loan, and your closing time should be 12 days or less with is lightning fast considering a bank would take 30 to 45 days.

We appreciate the delicate and timely financial matters with high-stress levels like tax deed sale and foreclosure our underwriting team has specialized in these and done hundreds. Our goal is to help you take the stress and make is a simple, easy, fast, quick, lighting fast mortgage loan that will give you peace of mind and a restful soul once it's done. If you have a Florida tax deed sale, please call the AHL Hard Money Network at 813-368-9919 to help you refinance your home with a hard and private money refinance, and you will use the collateral in that home or property to get the loan you need to stop the tax deed sale.

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