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Florida Land Loans Refinance Guide


Florida land loans are a special niche that require a underwriters and loan officers that understand the value of all types of land raw land, commercial land, residential land, farm land, mobile home and land. When borrowers are looking to pull equity out of their land in Florida many banks and credit unions will not touch land loans. It requires a special type of lender who understands the borrowers special needs and who to evaluate the land and give it a value to be able to determine a loan amount for the borrower. Our network of private investors and hard money lenders have millions and close many land loans a year giving Florida land owners the money they need and tailoring a loan to meet their special needs.

Types of Land

Residential Lots: Borrower purchase a residential lot many times quarter of an acre or less, maybe and half acre, and usually or building a new home. Often the land is free and clear and has not mortgage, the value of land in Florida has gone up as the price of homes have gone of dramatically over the last few years. Our private and hard money investors will usually give 50% to 60% of the value of a residential lot loan. The borrower can use the cash to get the construction loan off the ground or if they come up short and there is problems in the draws of the construction loan they can borrow against the equity on the land to maybe finish the building of their home. Residential lot loans or very common and our private investors have closed hundreds. Take use a make sense approach to underwriting and will use bank statements to make the deal work. If you self employed okay those special factors will be giving consideration and a common sense underwriting allows for deals to close quicker, faster and less stress.

Waterfront/Beach Front Land in Florida: Since Florida is surrounded by water a high premium is placed on waterfront land loans around the whole state. Very desirable and many of these waterfront beachfront land properties or 250k up to several million for a beachfront lot depending on the location, city , and size of the lot. Our investors will visit your property and do and appraisal and give you a value then determine who much they will lend on your property. Getting a Florida cash out refinance on your beach front property is a simple process and usually the loan to value is up to 60% loan to value. Waterfront land in Naples, Miami where many high rise condos are on the beach, Fort Myers, Daytona, Sarasota, Panama City, Miami Beach, especially if owned free and clear. Waterfront and Beach Front Florida cash out refinance equity loan is easy, just call us and one of our investors will visit your property and give you a value with a few days. If you looking to build on your beach front land, or refinance a condo on beachfront or a vacation home then let our experienced investors help you get the funds you need to get your project started.

Commercial Land: Commercial Land has tremendous value and if you have a great equity position or the Florida commercial and is free and clear then our group of hard money investors certainly can assist with your refinance or cash out requirements. Commercial land usually has more value then residential land and many times the loan to value will go to 65% of the appraised value of the land. Our investors unlike the banks Do not require and commercial appraisal upfront this is usually a 5,000 to 8,000 expense to the borrower upfront and doesn’t guarantee loan approval. If you own commercial land in Florida and its free and clear our investors will move mountains to get you approved within 24 hours. We do not require and appraisal we go by the real equity in the commercial land and no upfront fees for the borrower. If you own commercial land valued at 1,000,000 then its possible to get 55% to 60% of the value of the land. Banks will take up to six months to get a land loan approved much less closed. Our private investors have 200 years of hard money experience and can get your land loan approved and closed usually in 21 days or less. This quick response to a borrower timeline is very important if they or looking to meet some type of deadline, or purchase another building or purchasing equipment. Easy and fast underwriting and constant communication with the land officer and underwriting team is what you can expect.

Mobile Home and Land: Mobile home or doublewide and triple wide with land is a very common loan request in Florida. Florida had more doublewides, modular homes, singlewides then any other state in America so it makes sense that this request will be quite a significant one. The borrower must own the land and our investors prefer outright. Usually they already have their mobile home on the land. We do not do trailer parks or 55 plus community with mobile homes. The borrower must have ownership of the titles to the mobile home and our investor prefer either a half acre or one of plus of land with the mobile home. And mobile homes must be 1999 and older. In good condition and pride of ownership. Again the loan to value will be up to 60%, lite documentation, titles, anchored or on foundation. Our investors close many modular, home homes and doublewide and land cash out refinance each month. They or specialist in this type of loan. Our investors again like to visit the property, meet with the homeowner and then determine the value and how much they will lend to the borrow. This is a special type of one of one relationship will will not get with a bank or credit union. Its establishes trust, and make the borrower feel like the person cares more then just a file number or social security number, or bank application number. Treating the borrower and understanding their special financial needs it the goal of being able to help them and meet their financial expectations. When you want to try and qualify for a Florida mobile home and land refinance give us a call.

Reason to Use Hard Money for your Florida Land Loan

  1. You have bad credit and the bank has turned you down
  2. Its fast, quick, easy,
  3. Your credit does not matte. The equity in your property Land matters
  4. Common sense approach to underwriting
  5. Self Employed Borrowers Okay
  6. Past bk or foreclosure no problem
  7. Use bank statements or alternative forms of income for documentation
  8. Close in 14 days or less not 45 to 60 days like a bank
  9. No upfront fees
  10. Simple, Easy, Fast, Stream lined loans to give the borrower peace of mind and low stress levels

Horse Farms Land Loans

Ocala is the Horse Farm capital of the united states and we specialize in horse farm loans up to 65% loan to value based on the equity of the value in the horse farm. Our investors have a unique niche in closing these type of land and give the best values to the horse farms. Having underwriter and specialist and appraisers experience in these types of loans gives our team and special advantage over others because of the many loans they have closed. Horse farms many times have stables and barn and we give full value to that with the land and of course they sometimes have a nice home with land 10 acres, 25 acres, 50 acres up to 100 acres. Let us help you with your next horse farm loan.

Agricultrual Land Loans

If you’re a farmer and own 50, 100, 200 up to 1000 acres, this is a out of the box special financing that can only we done by a specialized and experience team of hard and private money investors who will meet directly with the borrower and oversee the land, and understand the property and give the best value so they can get the maximum cash out they need. If you need a Florida Agriculture land loan then our team might be able to get you approved and get the money you need with your refinance.

Step to getting your Florida Land Refinance Loan

  1. Call us
  2. Set Up appointment with our investors
  3. Investor views your property and land
  4. Investor determines value of your Florida land
  5. Application and documents
  6. Title a ordered
  7. Appraisals ordered
  8. Might a few additional documents needed
  9. Any clarification if anything shows up on the title
  10. Insurance to and then Setup closing time. Timeline should be 14 to 21 days.

This is a brief overview of the different types of Florida land loans and how to start the process and give yourself the best advantage by using an experienced team that has closed hundreds of Florida land loans over the years. Our network and group of hard and private money investors or here to answer your questions and explain the whole process when you are ready to do your Florida Land Loan Refinance.

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